Why Does Audible Keep Stopping? (Top Reasons and Fixes)

You’re getting interrupted while listening to your favorite audiobook! This is simply because Audible keeps stopping. But you don’t need to worry at all. I will explain how I had been facing the same problem and how I fixed it once forever.

Mostly, Audible keeps stopping because of a poor Internet connection. Other reasons include:

  • Not Enough System Storage Space
  • Your Device Getting Locked
  • Changes in Your Device’s Settings
  • Listening to Corrupted Audible Books
  • Battery Saving Mode is On
  • Running an Outdated Version on Your Device

Worry Not! I have also explained how you can fix the Audible with easy ways later in this article.

Let’s get started.

Why Does Audible Keep Stopping?

Why Does Audible Keep Stopping?

It is important to note that there is not a single reasoning behind this issue. I have faced different issues causing the same problem of interruption in Audible.

I have listed all those problems that may make your Audible keep stopping. You can check each one by one and solve your problem now.

  • Unstable Internet Connection
  • Not Enough System Storage Space
  • Your Device Getting Locked
  • Changes in Your Device’s Settings
  • Listening to Corrupted Audible Books
  • Battery Saving Mode is On
  • Running an Outdated Version on Your Device
Why Does Audible Keep Stopping?

Now, you might have an idea about the main problem your Audible is facing.

Let’s discuss this in detail.

Unstable Internet connection

To experience the best out of Audible, you must have a stable Internet connection. Listening to Audible audiobooks without a proper Internet connection will cause you a problem. It is one of the main reasons why you face this issue.

Not Having Enough Storage Space

Another reason to face this issue is that you don’t have enough storage space on your device. Your system storage is full for now. This will cause an issue for you. Your Audible will keep stopping due to it. Also, when you try to download an audiobook from Audible, you can’t. Because you don’t have enough space.

Your Device Getting Locked

The device on which Audible is running, if gets locked, might cause the Audible app to crash. Automatically locking your device will cause the Audible app not to work properly. This will cause an interruption to your use of the Audible. Also, it may cause the file to get corrupted. This is another reason of Audible keeps stopping.

Why Does Audible Keep Stopping?

Changes in Your Device’s Settings

Another possible reason for this issue is that you might have changed your device’s settings. Changing your device settings can also lead to the Audible app getting paused. Your Audible app will ultimately stop at the end.

Listening to corrupted Audible Books

You might be listening to corrupted Audible Books sometimes. This will also raise the issue of Audible getting stopped while running on your device. Remember, be cautious to listen to corrupted Audible Books. It will affect the working of your Audible app.

Battery Saving Mode is On

Sometimes, keeping the battery saver mode On will stop the working of Audible. Battery saver mode allows you to save your battery. So, it will slow the working of all those entities. Because they are more battery-consuming. This will cause the Audible app to stop suddenly.

Running an Outdated Version on Your Device

You might be running an outdated version of the Audible app. Also, you don’t know about that. This will also cause the Audible app to get stopped. Avoid running an outdated version on your device. This will help you get the most out of Audible.

Fixing Audible Stopping: What To Do?

Now, let’s come to the solution. To fix the Audible Stopping, you need to follow the following steps. These steps will surely solve your problem. These steps are listed as follows:

  1. Restart the App on Your Device.
  2. Keeping Your Device Allowed to Perform Background Activity.
  3. Starting Re-Downloading Your Audible Audiobooks.
  4. Get Your Audible App Updated.
  5. Check for Your Phone Updates and Update it.
  6. Get Your Audible App Re-Installed.

iPhone vs. Android





Swipe up from the bottom to open the Task Manager.

Open the Settings app.


Locate the Audible app among the open apps.

In Settings, find and select either “Apps” or “Apps & Notifications”.


Press and hold the Audible app’s page in the Task Manager. While holding, scroll the app page upwards to close the app.

Look for “All Apps” or a similar option to view all opened applications.


Return to the iPhone’s Home screen by pressing the Home button or using the swipe-up gesture.

Scroll through the list to find and tap on the Audible app.


Locate the Audible app icon on the Home screen and tap it to reopen the app.

Within the Audible app’s details page, find the “Force Stop” option and tap on it to forcefully close the app.



Return to your Android device’s Home

screen by pressing the Home button or using the appropriate gesture.



Locate the Audible app icon on the Home screen or App Drawer and tap it to reopen the app.

Getting Audible to Play Continuously

To play Audible continuously without any interruption, you have to follow some steps. These steps are described as follows:

  1. Download and install your app from your mobile store. For Android, use Google Play Store and for iPhone, use App Store.
  2. Login to your account with your Audible credentials.
  3. Select your favorite audiobook on the app. After this, Press the “Play” button, which is available at the bottom of your screen.
  4. To let the audio play continuously, go to Audible settings.
  5. Now, select the “Continuous Playback” button to enable this feature.
  6. Exit the settings after doing this.
  7. Now, play your audiobook. This allows your audiobook to be played continuously without any interruption.

This is the whole process to get your favorite audiobook to play continuously without any interruption. Now, you can easily enjoy your audiobook without any interruption.

Why is Audible Stopping Randomly?

Your Audible app is getting stopped randomly for the following reasons:

  1. The “Allow Background Activity” button is disabled in your app.
  2. “Background Restriction” has been turned on in your app.
  3. “App’s Battery Usage” is restricted.

How do I Stop Audible from Pausing?

To stop Audible from pausing, follow the following steps:

  • You can restart your Audible app.
  • You can enable Background Activity in your app.
  • Furthermore, you can disable your Battery Saving Mode.
  • You can re-download your Audible Audiobooks.
  • You can check your App for Updates.
  • You can update your Mobile Software.
  • Not only that, but you can reinstall your Audible App.

Why Does Audible Keep Stopping on My iPhone?

The Audible keeps stopping on your iPhone because you have turned off Audible access to Media and Apple Music. Go to settings and turn it on. Then, restart your Audible app. Now, check by turning off your screen. You can see you can use Audible without letting it get stopped.

To avoid any problems in the future, I suggest reading this guide on How To Read For Audible.


It’s normal to have issues like Audible keeps stopping. There is no need to panic at all. Every problem has its own personalized solution. You can deal with this common issue easily and smoothly.

You have to follow the guidelines to keep yourself protected from this concern. Now, enjoy listening to your Audible audiobooks without getting stopped. You can easily play the audiobooks on your Audible app continuously. Just remember to act upon the provided guidelines.

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