Why Are eBooks Better? Top Reasons

Are you still clinging to the old-fashioned way of reading with dusty bookshelves and heavy books? It’s time to embrace the future of reading with eBooks!

With technology revolutionizing, eBooks have transformed the reading experience with sleek design, digital format, and endless options. And with features like adjustable font size, bookmarking, and highlighting, you can make each book your own.

Imagine carrying a whole library in your pocket, ready to read anytime, anywhere, without the hassle of having bulky times. So why compromise on less when you can have it all with eBooks?

Read along to explore the many benefits of eBooks, from affordability to customization and everything in between!

Top Reasons Why eBooks Are Better?

Why Are eBooks Better

Nowadays, when everything is digital, people also change their reading habits, which is why e-books have gained popularity among the general public. They differ from printed books because you can read them anytime, anywhere, on your favorite device.

Besides, there are also many benefits due to which e-books are considered better than physical books. Let’s throw some light on them!

eBooks are Lightweight and Portable

E-books are undoubtedly better than physical books for various reasons. First, people prefer going towards electronic books because they are lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry them on the go.

Thus, instead of burdening yourself by holding many physical books, one ebook reader can carry hundreds of e-books, ultimately saving space in the bag and at home.

What’s more? One device can store multiple books on different topics. It is especially advantageous for bookworms who love reading every new book without actually having them in their place.

Features Lesser Prices Compared To Print Books

Another great benefit of eBooks is their lower price than print books. Ebooks don’t require printing, distribution, and shipping costs. So, publishers can offer these eBooks at a lower price.

Furthermore, eBooks are sold without a physical cover, paper, and ink costs; readers can often find them free on various platforms.

No Shipping Or Handling Fees

When you buy a print book, you’ll have to pay shipping or handling fees if you order online. The cost can add up over time, especially if you’re a frequent reader.

With eBooks, there are no shipping or handling fees because they are delivered digitally to your device. You can download eBooks from online retailers or libraries without additional costs.

No Need For Expensive Bookshelves

Print books take up a lot of space, and as your collection grows, you may need to invest in expensive bookshelves or storage space to keep them organized.

However, eBooks don’t take up any physical space because you can store thousands of eBooks on your device without additional storage costs. This feature also makes it easier to carry your entire library with you, particularly when traveling, without worrying about the physical weight and space that print books require.

Easily Accessible

The biggest advantage of eBooks is that you can download and store them on your gadgets for later reading means you can read them anywhere, anytime, without any hassle. It is highly beneficial for employees and students who want to take all the learning material at home or while traveling. Some eBooks are available for offline reading, allowing readers to read them without internet access. Unlike printed books, you must buy from online or physical stores and wait for their delivery; e-readers can easily access e-books.

Takes Little Space In Devices

Many people are worried about less space in their devices due to downloaded files and apps, but the interesting fact is that eBooks take up very less space. Even if your device has small storage space, you can still store many eBooks because they hardly take some megabytes of disk space.

On the other hand, you need a lot of shelf space to store printed books.

Adjust Fonts And Sizes With Ease

E-readers typically allow users to customize the font size and type of their reading material, making it easier for those who have difficulty reading small text or prefer a particular font style.

Interactive Features And Multimedia Options

Interactive and multimedia features are available on some e-readers, including embedded videos, animations, and other interactive elements to enhance the reading experience and make the story more immersive.

Explore A Vast Selection Of Titles

With an e-reader, readers can access a broader range of books than they might find in a traditional bookstore or library, which can help them discover new authors and genres.

Get Immediate Access To New Books

Ebooks let readers stay ahead by accessing new books immediately through an e-reader. Readers can download new ebooks the same day they are published without waiting for their availability in stores or libraries.

Environment-Friendly Option

Another reason why ebooks are known to be better than physical books is their environmental friendliness. Thousands of trees are wasted to produce paper which is ultimately used to print books yearly. This is not the case with ebooks because no paper is used in ebooks, which means saving thousands of precious trees. Less use of paper is just one benefit; there are many other perks too. Ebooks don’t need to be printed or shipped to other places, reducing carbon footprint and minimizing waste.

Digital Rights Management

Digital rights management helps prevent unauthorized access or distribution of eBooks as it typically involves adding encryption to an eBook’s file to restrict copying, sharing, or printing. DRM is also associated with controlling how many devices an eBook can read the books or is limited to performing some specific actions, such as text highlighting or copying. Eventually, it ensures that authors and publishers are fairly compensated for their work and are protected against pirating.

Password-Protected Accounts

These accounts deliver an extra layer of security for eBook readers. To create an account on an eBook platform, you must produce a password to access your account. The password protects Your personal information and any eBook purchases you make. It’s essential to use a strong password and keep it private from others to ensure the security of your account.

Encryption And Secure Payment Options

Encryption prevents unauthorized access by converting data into code. eBook platforms often use encryption to protect files and user data from hackers or unauthorized access. Secure payment options are also crucial for eBook purchases; therefore, eBook retailers use secured payment gateways to protect credit card information and other sensitive data during transactions that deter fraud and confirm that your personal information is safe when purchasing eBooks.

Easy to Update the Content

Ebooks mostly have cloud-based content, meaning users can update it anytime. E-readers can enjoy the latest updates from authors and publishers. It saves the re-printing costs and time.

eBooks Content Is Easy-To-Share

Buying a printed book is yours, but the ebooks scenario is completely different. Here users can like and share the content with multiple users using the social feature. It is especially good for students who can share the ebooks with other classmates, save costs and gain knowledge.

Adjust The Brightness

You need a proper place and enough lighting to read a physical book, but you only need a gadget or an electronic device to read an ebook. You can even read the ebook in the dark by adjusting the screen brightness per your needs.

Moreover, users can increase or decrease the font size to make reading extra convenient. With ebooks, you can also highlight the text or passages and remember the page number without the help of a bookmark.

E-Books Have Built-In Dictionaries

When reading printed books, you often encounter a unique word unfamiliar. To know the meaning, you must go online or consult a dictionary, which is frustrating and time-consuming. Many modern ebooks come with built-in dictionaries allowing readers to tap the word to find the meaning or even get detailed knowledge by reading the comprehensive definition on the right side of the screen.

No Issue Of Late Fees On Library-Owned eBooks

People can read printed books or Ebooks in the library or borrow them for later reading. You must pay a late fee if you forget to return the printed book to the library on the due date. The story is a little different with ebooks; you don’t have to return them on the due date; their license will expire on the device.

Read-Aloud Feature

One of the brilliant features of ebooks is their read-aloud and text-to-speech features. These features benefit people who are frequent travelers or too busy in their lives that they don’t have time to read books. It is also helpful for adults and kids facing visual impairment or learning disabilities. It is also great for improving pronunciation.

Best Selling eBooks

Why Are eBooks Better

Every year, thousands of eBooks of different genres are published, but some gain more popularity due to the genre and storyline.

Below I mentioned best-selling ebooks, so pick one to make your weekend super special.




Ken Follett

Pillars of the Earth


Stephenie Meyer



Stieg Larsson

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo


E. L. James

Fifty Shades Freed


John Green

The Fault In Our Stars


Margaret Atwood

The Handmaid’s Tale

Science Fiction

Some Interesting Facts Regarding eBooks (USA Region)

  1. In 2023, the eBooks revenue is projected to cross US$5.67bn.
  2. In 2020, 191 million e-books were sold in America.
  3. The eBook readers are expected to reach 155.50m users by 2027.
  4. The most renowned e-reader on the market is Kindle by Amazon. Nearly 72% of the e-Reader market belongs to it.

Best Places To Find Free eBooks

Why Are eBooks Better

Luckily, many platforms are available where you can get free eBooks. Let’s explore some of them!

1. Amazon Kindle Store

The Kindle store is an online ebook store owned by Amazon that can be accessed from Kindle mobile app, Fire Tablet, or Amazon Kindle. This store had over 88,000 digital titles in 2007, which rose to 275,000 in 2008. Here you can read best-selling ebooks as soon as they are published.

2. Apple Book Store

The Apple Book Store is another brilliant platform for ebooks with an amazing selection of free titles. Although its range is not as large as the Amazon store, you can still find many new titles easily.

3. Barnes & Noble Online

Barnes & Noble has a vast variety of free and discounted books and an excellent selection of free magazines. Readers must note that some free titles are only readable on B&N’s NOOK Reading App.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are using an eBook for the first time and have numerous queries, you can dig out the answers to the following questions.

What is The Main Difference Between eBooks and Paper Books?

With printed books, people can get the feel of a book; they can hold it, touch the cover, and turn the pages. Ebooks come in different font styles, allowing readers to zoom in or out. Readers can store multiple ebooks on their favorite gadgets and read them whenever possible.

Are eBooks Advantageous For Learning?

Teachers and students agree that eBooks are highly advantageous in education because they aim to simplify the learning process using images, graphics, and varying font styles. In this rapidly changing world where everything is digital, books also turned digital to make education more engaging and interesting.

Are eBooks Good For The Eyes?

There are many E-readers, but the most popular among all is the Amazon Kindle which uses e-ink. It is a type of paper display technology that mimics ink on pages hence, causing less fatigue on the eyes.

Are eBooks Good For The Environment?

Yes, eBooks protect the environment as they do not use paper. Electronic books also minimize carbon footprint because there is no shipping like in physical books.

What Are The Top Selling Categories Of eBooks On Amazon?

The top-selling categories include

  1. Religion and Spirituality
  2. Memoirs and Biographies
  3. Money and Business
  4. Self Help
  5. Food, Cookbooks, and vine

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Our Summary

eBooks offer plenty of benefits that make them an appealing alternative to traditional paper books. Ebooks are convenient, portable, and accessible, letting readers carry a library anywhere. Adjustable features, like font size and bookmarking, help readers personalize their reading experience to their taste. Moreover, eBooks are often more affordable than print books, making them a cost-effective option for avid readers.

In this article, I’ve discussed some of the top reasons that make eBooks better than print books, so if you want to unfold the full range of eBooks favors, read our post top to bottom.

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