When You Download An EBook On Your Phone Where Does It Go?

I often download eBooks on my phone for the convenience of being able to access my favorite books wherever I am. But sometimes, I wonder where exactly the eBook goes once downloaded. Do I have any control over where it is stored? To answer this question, I did some research and learned this. 

When you download an eBook on your phone, it is typically stored in the eBooks or books section of your phone’s library or app. To access your downloaded eBooks, you can open the app and select the library or my books section.

However, note that the exact location will depend on the app you use to download and read the eBook. Some popular options include Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, and Apple Books. Let’s learn more about it in the following guide.

How Are EBooks Stored On Phones?

When You Download An EBook On Your Phone Where Does It Go

When you download an eBook onto your phone, it will typically be stored the same way as other files. The downloaded eBook may be in the iBooks app if you use an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad.

Depending on your device, the file may be stored in the Downloads folder within your device’s file system. If you’re using an Android device, it may be found within the Google Play Books app.

However, when you download an eBook from a platform such as Amazon Kindle or Kobo, it will likely be saved directly within the app itself and won’t appear in your device’s file system. 

Therefore, checking what platform you are downloading the eBook from is essential before attempting to find it. 

It is also worth noting if you read eBooks on a tablet or phone. Some apps allow you to access cloud storage or synchronize with other devices.

You may be able to view the same eBook on multiple devices. This can be a helpful feature if you’d like to read an eBook on both your phone and tablet.

How To Find Your Downloaded EBook?

Finding your downloaded eBook can be tricky, but it is not impossible. The location may vary depending on your phone type and the app you used to download the eBook. 

  • To find your downloaded eBook, you will need to check the app you used to download it or your device’s storage.
  • On Android devices, the eBook may be stored in the My Files or Downloads folder within the device’s internal storage or in a dedicated eBook reader app like Amazon Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc.
  • On iPhones, the eBook should be stored in the iBooks app. If it is not there, it could be stored in another eBook reader app.
  • Once you have located your eBook, you can begin reading it.

What To Do If Your EBook Doesn’t Show Up After Downloading?

If you’ve downloaded an eBook to your phone, but it doesn’t show up, you should first check your device’s downloads folder. Depending on the type of system or device you have, the location of this file will vary. 

Remember, if you face a problem with an eBook you’ve downloaded to your phone, there are a few steps you can consider to troubleshoot and solve the issue.

  • Check your device’s downloads folder to see if the eBook is stored there.
  • Reset or restart your device to refresh it.
  • Clear the cache from your device (consult your phone’s user guide for specific instructions).
  • Re-download the eBook from the app store where you purchased it (most stores allow for re-downloads without repurchasing).

How To Delete An EBook From Your Phone?

When You Download An EBook On Your Phone Where Does It Go

Deleting an eBook from your phone is simple and takes only a few minutes. The exact steps may vary depending on your phone’s operating system and the eBook reading app you are using. So be sure to refer to your app’s help section if you have any questions. 

On most Android devices, deleting an eBook from your phone is as simple as opening up the eBook reading app you’re using (for example, Kindle) and locating the book you want to delete.

Once you find the ebook, press and hold on to its cover until a menu pops up. From there, you should be able to select the option to delete the book from your library. 

Depending on your app, the book may still be stored in your cloud library, so you can always re-download it if needed. 

On iPhones, the process is also relatively straightforward. Open the eBook reading app, locate the book you want to delete, and swipe left or right across the title to reveal a “Delete” button. Tap this button, and the book will be deleted from your device.

Again, depending on your app, the book may remain in your cloud library, where you can access it if needed. 

Finally, if the book was downloaded directly from the internet or another source, you may need to delete it from your phone’s file system manually. 

To do this:

  1. Open up your phone’s file manager app.
  2. Locate the book in its directory.
  3. Now select the Delete option.

Depending on your phone’s operating system, this may vary. But, once you have completed these steps, your eBook should be successfully deleted from your phone and will no longer take up space in your library or device memory.


As someone who frequently downloads eBooks onto their phone, I know that it’s essential to know where they are stored and how to manage them. Depending on my device, I can find my downloaded eBooks in my phone’s app library or a specific folder within the device’s storage. 

However, sometimes an eBook doesn’t show up after downloading, and in these cases, I have to check the settings or try restarting my phone. If I need to delete an eBook from my phone, I can remove the file from my device’s storage. 

Overall, understanding where your eBooks are stored and how to manage them is essential for staying organized.

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