What happens to archived audible books?

Your books remain yours throughout your life, no matter the device they’re on or which device you erase them from. You’ll always be able to download them again on any device and onto your computer if you are worried about what happens if your books may be archived. Then you need not be worried; we will answer you in this blog post.

If you archived a book with Audible, it is stored on all devices currently synced to your account. If you want to play an audiobook you archived shortly; you need to click it to begin listening to it again.

This article will look at the concerns regarding archived Audible books. Archived audible books are processed, but a complete guide will answer if you think like that. Continue reading with us.

Can you archive audible books?

What happens to archived audible books

Yes, it is possible to archive Audible books. However, it’s only possible to preserve some Audible audiobooks. It is only possible to save audiobooks in your Library, not those included in membership or subscription. Here are some ways bellow:

  • If you wish to archive permanently Audible books in your Library, you’ll need to download them manually. You can also save audiobooks you manually downloaded onto your devices. If you’ve been listening to the audiobook via the subscription, it cannot be archived.
  • You are also able to archive audiobooks that are accessible within the Audible app. That means it cannot be archived if you already have an audiobook on your Kindle or an alternative application. If you’re planning on conserving audiobooks that aren’t coming from Audible, There are some considerations you should consider.
  • In the beginning, you’ll need to confirm that your software is compatible with the Kindle format. Then, you’ll be required to ensure that your books are designed for Kindle. If they need to be consistent, you’ll require conversion to an MP3 format before uploading them to Amazon and storing them in your Library.
  • If they’re properly formatted, they can upload to Amazon and be removed instantly. If you plan to add other audiobooks to the Kindle library, it’s crucial to ensure they conform to Amazon’s formatting guidelines.

Does archiving audible books save space?

What happens to archived audible books

The Audible service is an excellent choice for those who listen – you can buy audiobooks or listen on your phone or tablet. But you might be amazed at how fast your Library grows. With time, you might have many audiobooks. If your device is running out of space, think about the possibility of archiving your audiobooks. It’s important to know that there needs to be a method to erase the Audible book from your device. You can save the Audible book.

This moves the book from the main section of your Library and into the “Archive” section of your application. You can also depublish the book if you wish to store it outside your Library but still want it to show in the results of searches. Also, you can stop your subscription if you’re not listening to numerous books.

Are audible books yours to keep forever?

The question of whether the books in your Library remain yours. The duration of time is based on two aspects:

  • If you bought them or not.
  • Or take these from the Plus Catalog.

Abonnements to Audible can access the Audibles Plus Catalog. Its Plus Catalog consists of thousands of titles available to listen to for no cost and provides unlimited listening. The Plus Catalog is one of Audible’s most appealing benefits of joining as an Audible membership since it has something for all tastes. It also includes Audible Originals and exclusive content. The problem is that Plus Catalog titles are only available for you to keep forever if you buy them.

Here’s more information about Plus Catalog:

  • Members and non-members can download audiobooks from Audible for a lifetime.
  • You can make purchases through the desktop website, mobile site, and mobile application.
  • You may pay for your audiobooks using a credit card, coupon, or the free credits that come with the membership plan.
  • They will stay in your Library after the purchase. They can be played whenever you like, even if you don’t have an account with Audible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do I store Audible books for the duration of time?

The books you purchase through Audible using a credit or debit card can be yours for a long time and can be downloaded to multiple devices. While you can remove a particular device’s audiobooks, they are still in your Library.

When did you remove the book from Audible?

Removal of a title can only erase the audiobook from your device, not your account’s Library. You’ll be able to download your purchases using the All tab under titles on the Library screen.

What is the difference between delete and archive?

Archive directory as well as All Mail on Gmail / Google Apps. Based on your email service or your company’s policies, your deleted messages might automatically be deleted permanently from your trash bin (often within thirty days). A deleted message is disposed of in the trash folder; however, an archived message will be moved to that folder.

Is my mailbox full even after the archiving process?

The issue can arise when many sync problems and conflicts lead the server to fail to connect to its Outlook clients for email. After “archiving,” the mailbox is still full, and the server data size doesn’t decrease.


If your audible account is identical to your Amazon account, it is possible to archive audible books from it. This can be done by opening the Audible app and clicking “Settings.” You’ll be able to click “archived books” and then click “add the book. These are a few ways to archive your audible books. Hope this guide may be helpful to you.

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