Is there a monthly fee for Apple Books?

Apple Books is a one-stop source for all of your reading needs. There is no need for additional subscriptions or applications, and it provides the most secure and reliable user experience on all Apple devices. It is easy to search for sales as well as bestsellers. So, we are here to give you the latest update about Apple Books.

No, Apple Books has no monthly subscription costs, but the books are more expensive than the books on Amazon. Additionally, due to their pricing structure, they do not offer an ongoing selection of free audiobooks. The advantage is that you can make a monthly payment if you need a specific book.

Here, we will show you the most efficient features of Apple Book and also their monthly fee. Continue reading!

Apple Books

Apple removed itself from iTunes Music Store in 2015 after it moved towards its own iBooks app following the iOS 8.4. In the year following, in the year 2018, iBooks was rebranded as Apple Books. The shift to an independent app means that users can arrange their books without being concerned about chapters playing while moving music around, as was the case when books and music were paired.


Apple, just like Audible, also has a huge library. There’s a vast array of titles and selections, a wide array of brand young and emerging authors, and the public domain, free works based on the classic and classic writings at Project Gutenberg. Apple books do not offer an annual subscription. It’s easy to think that this is a good idea, but it all depends on the frequency you check your books regularly.

1). A sleep-timer

This is one of the most useful features; it lets users decide when they want that book to end immediately. This is a huge benefit when you’re known for falling asleep reading or if the story is soothing to go to sleep.

2). A five-minute preview

Apple Books has an impressive, long preview. It allows you to listen to 5 minutes of the book to determine if it is something you are interested in before buying. An excellent collection of audiobook books, It offers fewer titles for audiobooks than Audible. However, it provides a wider selection of high-quality audiobooks that are difficult to find compared to Amazon.

3). Only available on Apple devices

Apple Books is only utilized on macOS devices like those with Apple Watch, Ipad, iPhone, and Mac laptops. All books must be purchased from Apple’s Apple books app store. It is impossible to transfer books purchased from Apple onto non-Apple devices such as a kindle, Android phone, or laptop PC.

4). A user-friendly app

Apple Store is made to provide an easy for users and provide a smooth experience. The purchase of anything from Apple’s store is easy. It is easy to browse their entire library using your virtual devices and purchase books in just two swipes with an Apple account. Works in the public domain can be downloaded from an app store.

5). No monthly subscription fees

Since Apple Books has no monthly subscription costs, they charge more in total than the books on Amazon do. Also, they only offer the option of a free rotation of audiobooks because of the pricing structure. The benefit is that you can pay monthly only when you need a specific book.

Apple Book doesn’t require a subscription. The audiobook price available on Apple Books is more like Google’s. The cost of an audiobook with Apple Book is a little higher than the other audiobook providers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the difference between iBooks and Apple Books?

 Is there a monthly fee for Apple Books

The launch of iOS 12 and macOS Mojave saw the rebranding of iBooks as Apple Books. Apple Books offers all three functions as a combined ebook reader, book shop, and audiobook player. Users can upload and sync their preferred PDF files to iCloud. However, the app predominantly uses ePub (with DRM) as its format.

Are Apple Books a subscription?

Did you know that we provide a subscription service that lets us deliver a new novel to you each month? It’s true! Our bookshop owners read the latest books and select an outstanding title to come every month. It’s known as”the Apple-A-Month Club.

Are Apple Books better than audibles?

Considering membership services, Apple Books has no advantages over Audible in terms of price. However, from the point of view of the user experience, listening to audiobooks through the Apple Books app is easier to navigate, smoother, and more comfortable.

Why are there different pricing for the same publication in Apple Books?

Publishers can decide what price they would like to charge at the purchase, so the only way to judge the quality of a book is by any reviews available. If you bought a defective item, You could request an exchange or refund using this Report a Problem link on the receipt.


The flexibility of digital books means that you don’t need to search the Bookstore to purchase the extra-large type version of the book or grab that magnifying lens. Instead, you can change the appearance of the books, including the font, size, and background color of the “paper.” Apple Books make it easy to arrange your library into collections because Apple Books does some of the work for you. Everything you’ve downloaded from the Bookstore and anything else you’ve added to Books, like PDF files, could result in a mess.

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