Is Amazon Audible Free With Prime? (Detail)

Are you an Amazon Prime member who likes to enjoy audiobooks? If so, you might be wondering if your Prime membership covers Amazon Audible. My short and simple answer is, no:

Audible is not free with Prime. Audible Plus or Audible Premium Plus membership is separate from a Prime membership. You would need to purchase an Audible Plus or Audible Premium Plus membership separately.

In this article, I will delve into the perks of audible membership with Prime and much of the information related to it.

Is Amazon Audible Free With Prime?

Is Amazon Audible Free With Prime?

I as a human being will always be in a kind of struggle to seek out new stories. I, without any doubt, celebrate the fact that with technological advancement there are various ways available to do it.

With Audible, you can literally have access to a wide range of podcasts and audible books in one place. Moreover, in a single app that is easily downloadable to your Phones, Tablets, and Kindles.

Before I take you through the membership plans of Audible and Prime, it is vitally important to know how these platforms work.

Audible is a subsidiary of Amazon that is created to sell and produce audiobooks. It offers a vast amount of content which includes radio and tv programs as well.

But the company’s USP is the feature which is once to be known as “books on tape” and now more appropriately be recognized as “digital audiobooks”.

Conveniently, it helps me grab audiobooks that are really close to my heart on my digital gadgets, and most importantly, on my Kindle as well. This event takes place with just a click of a downloadable button available on the app. How easy na!

On the other hand, Amazon Prime is what adds more value to the Audible app. It is basically a paid subscription service that will cost you only 139$ per year or 14.99$ per month. The charges for the service are totally based on your subscription plan.

This service contains a wide range of perks for its members. Indeed, it offers an array of benefits to its subscribers. It gives access to free shipping of over 100 million products in a range, making shopping more convenient and cost-effective for its subscribers.

It also provides its subscribers access to services like Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Music. Moreover, Amazon may introduce new features and services to its Prime subscribers over time.

So, Is Audible Free for Prime Members?

Unfortunately, Prime members cannot enjoy Audible content for free despite having an Amazon Prime membership. An Audible Plus or Audible Premium Plus membership is totally separated from a Prime membership.

There are two types of membership available for the Audible platform both having its own perks and benefits. One is Audible Plus and the other is Audible Premium Plus.

These membership plans allow you to access unlimited audio content available on the platform. It is also possible to purchase Audible books without having an audible membership.

Lastly, you can avail of a free trial to have free access to Audible audio content which I will discuss below.

The two plans, as I mentioned earlier, offer free trials with their own distinctive perks. Audible Premium Plus Membership offers a 30-day trial to its new users.

New users can sign up for the mentioned trial and get access to the Plus Catalog. This allows you to enjoy unlimited listening to a wide range of audiobooks available on the platform.

In a similar way, you can avail trial on Audible Plus Membership and have access to the Plus Catalog. The distinctive feature of the plans is that Audible Premium Plus also offers 1 free credit for Non-Prime Members to purchase any title from the premium collection of books.

In the case you are a Prime Member, you can avail 2 free credits for the purchase of any audiobook during the trial. The user can actually purchase any title from the premium selection of books, which then he can keep forever.

Let’s look into how you can enjoy Audible free trials:

  1. Choose Plan: Decide and choose between Audible Premium Plus Membership and Audible Plus Membership.
  2. Sign Up: If you are a new user, sign up for the 30-day free trial of Audible Premium Plus Membership or Audible Plus Membership.
  3. Access the Plus Catalog: Once you sign up, you can enjoy unlimited listening to a wide range of audiobooks available in the Plus Catalog during the trial period.
  4. Free Credits: With Audible Premium Plus, Non-Prime Members receive 1 free credit.
  5. Select Audiobooks: You can use the free credits to purchase any audiobook from the premium selection.
  6. Explore and Enjoy: You can make the most of the trial by exploring and enjoying the extensive collection of audiobooks.

The following table will help you even more:


Free Trial Duration


Free Credits during Trial

Keep Purchased Titles?

Audible Premium Plus

30 days

Access to Plus Catalog with unlimited listening

1 credit (Non-Prime Members)


Audible Plus

30 days

Access to Plus Catalog with unlimited listening

No free credits


What Are The Negatives Of Audible?

While Audible provides, indeed a wide selection of audiobooks and has many benefits, it may not be suitable for everyone at least it is not for me.

One drawback, which exists, is that if you are not able to listen to audiobooks regularly, it means you are not getting the most of your subscription.

A monthly subscription is a waste of money, to be honest, if not used regularly. Moreover, some complaints about the pricing of audiobooks have been heard, and the difficulty of canceling their subscriptions.

However, these negatives may not necessarily apply to everyone, so it’s important to weigh the pros and cons and determine if Audible is right for your specific needs and preferences.

Is Audible Good For The Brain?

Is Amazon Audible Free With Prime?

I studied this research, which suggests listening to audiobooks provides benefits such as getting better at vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking skills.

Also, Psychology Today, says that listening to audiobooks provides a distraction from negative thoughts and promotes relaxation.

How Many Audiobooks Are On Audible?

Audible has the marvelous amount of over 600,000 audiobooks in its library, which includes purchased titles and those available through Audible Plus.

With a standard subscription (Audible Premium Plus), you use your credit to purchase one audiobook of your choice, but from the Audible Plus catalog, which contains over 20,000 titles one gets an unlimited number of audiobooks.

Meaning that you get access to a vast selection of audiobooks on Audible, with options ranging from bestsellers to classic literature, even educational titles, and much more.

Why Are Audiobooks Better Than Movies?

Well, that is because nothing quite matches the immersive experience of good audiobook storytelling. Movies and television programs have their own charm, audiobooks have a unique quality.

An audiobook actually has physical impacts on your body, including making your heart beat quicker and making you feel warm and fuzzy, I studied this recent UCL study.

The freedom that audiobooks give you to use your imagination is one of the things that makes them so appealing.

Audiobooks provide you the freedom to conjure up your own images of the characters, settings, and events in the novel, unlike visual media like movies or TV shows. It’s a distinctive and particular way to experience the story.

Do Audiobooks Improve Memory?

Yes, absolutely. audiobooks can indeed improve memory retention. Studies have shown that listening to audiobooks are beneficial for retaining information, especially for people who struggle with reading or have difficulty concentrating for long periods of time.

Besides, my personal experience says, audiobooks can also help us better focus and avoid distractions. Unlike reading a book, we don’t have to worry about holding the book, turning pages, or being in a specific physical environment. Making it easier to concentrate on the content and absorb more information.

What Is The Most Popular Genre On Audible?

The most popular genre on Audible, you’ll find that possibly science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, mystery, and even thrillers are among the top choices for audiobook lovers.

These genres give various storytelling options, from epic adventures to pulse-pounding mysteries, and are sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

So if you’re looking for a great audiobook to enjoy, consider checking out one of these popular genres on Audible!

Can I Listen To 2 Audible Books At The Same Time?

I am afriad you cannot. Also, it is crucial to listen to one at a time to understand properly.

In order to do that, You’ll need to use the same login credentials for both devices, but once you’re logged in, you’re good to go!

Who Uses Audiobooks The Most?

I went on to internet to search this all out and I found that In the United States, it turns out that black adults are the group that listens to audiobooks the most compared to other demographics. In fact, over 26% of African Americans reported listening to audiobooks in the last year.

It seems that younger people also tend to prefer audio formats, with a whopping 57% of Americans under 50 having listened to audiobooks in 2021. So if you’re looking to reach a diverse audience through your audiobook, it might be a good idea to keep these demographics in mind!

Are Spotify Audiobooks Free?

Regrettably nothing is free nowadays, audiobooks on Spotify are not available for free. Yes, you are able get music and podcasts on Spotify for free with occasional ads, but audiobooks require a payment. Even if you’re a Premium member, you still need to pay for each audiobook individually in order to listen to it.

Although, Depending on the book, Spotify’s audiobook costs vary, but you count on paying a fee for each title. Before you begin listening, it’s a good idea to look up the costs so you can prepare a budget. But there are many different audiobooks available on Spotify, so you’re likely to discover something you like.

Does Audible Have Free Podcasts?

Yes, I do listen as well, as Audible does put forward podcasts that you listen to for free without needing to pay a subscription fee.

All you need is an Amazon account have access of the tens of thousands of podcasts available on Audible. So, whether you’re looking to catch up on the latest news, learn something new, or simply be entertained, Audible has got you covered with its extensive collection of free podcasts.

Which Audible App Is Free?

The Audible app is free to download for iOS and Android devices, and you are good to go and start listening to audiobooks right away. In addition to mobile devices, you are now able to also listen to Audible on a variety of other devices, including Alexa-enabled devices, Fire tablets, Kindles, Sonos speakers, and more. So, if you love audiobooks and want to enjoy them on the go or at home, downloading the Audible app is a great place to start.

Is Audible Only English?

No, Surely not, Thats the great thing that I like about audible that not only in English. You can, infact, switch your languages to other languages as many times you want. Nevertheless, to change the language in the mobile app, you will need to update your default language settings.

So, now you want English or any other language, Audible has got your back.

Is It Good To Listen To Audiobooks While Sleeping?

You know what, audiobooks are more than relaxing and enjoyable way to go before bedtime, I don’t, personally, recommended to actually listen to them while sleeping. Obviously, the brain needs a quiet and dark environment to fully rest and recharge during the night.

Your brain would be still processing the content, is a hurdle in the quality of your sleep and leave you feeling tired and dizzy in the morning.

Therefore, I suggest you that it’s better to listen to audiobooks before bed and then turn them off.

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In conclusion, Amazon Audible is not free with Prime. However, with an Amazon Prime membership, the perks and benefits that accompany it make it a remarkably enticing offering. Prime members indulge in a selection of audiobooks and podcasts within the Audible Plus catalog, making it a sweet taste of the expansive universe that Audible gives.

So, while the full Audible membership asks for additional investment, an investment that promises to increase your listening experience and transport you into new worlds, one book at a time.

Well, The fusion of Amazon Prime and Audible is undeniably and definitely, a match made in heaven, and the more you explore, the more you’ll find yourself captivated by the allure of this enchanting union.

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