How to Make Money with Audible Amazon?

If you are looking to make money with Audible Amazon and don’t know how to get started, you are at the right place. Before I take you to the detail of how you can start making money today, take a look at the most popular ways!

There are many ways to make money with Audible Amazon, some are listed as follows:

  • Become an Audible Narrator.
  • Become a seller of Audible products.
  • Through the Amazon Associates Program, become an affiliate partner.
  • Promote Audible among your audience.

For you, I will explain all the proven ways in detail that will help you earn money with Audible. Then, you can easily start making money from it without wasting any time.

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Let’s get started.

Audible as a Self-Publishing Platform

Audible is recognized as a popular audiobook platform among the audience. It is a trustworthy marketplace where you purchase audiobooks. Not only this, you can simply listen to audiobooks as well on this platform.

But, Audible is more than that. It serves as a self-publishing platform for you. It allows you to produce your audiobook and sell it on this platform. You can easily sell your created audiobooks on Audible through Audiobook Creation Exchange, which is commonly known as ACX.

ACX is a platform where you can find narrators and collaborate with producers. Also, you can narrate your audiobooks yourself on it. Not only this, but it also provides you with a feature of self-publishing on Audible. You can easily connect and even negotiate agreements for your audiobooks’ production and distribution.

How to Make Money with Audible Amazon?

ACX provides you with control over many things regarding your uploaded audiobook. You can actually set the price of your audiobook yourself. Also, you own distribution rights and royalties as well. It provides you the opportunity to earn royalties based on the channel you choose for your distribution.

On the whole, Audible ACX provides you with a channel to self-publish your audiobooks. It also facilitates you to reach a larger audience and build your fanbase.

Ways to make money with Audible Amazon

There are many exciting ways to make money with Audible Amazon. These ways are proven strategies for you through which you can earn money with Audible Amazon.

Now, you can start your money-making journey depending on your passion and skills. Still, I will list and explain all the proven ways through which many people are making money with Audible Amazon, including me.

MethodEarning Opportunity
Audible Creator ProgramEarn dollars through referrals.
Affiliate Marketing ProgramEarn dollars on recommended sales.
Publishing an AudiobookEarn money per audiobook purchase.
Providing Services as an Audible NarratorEarn money based on agreements.
ACX Bounty ProgramEarn dollars on referrals.
Audible Podcast Development ProgramEarn $10K, production support, and more.

Audible Creator Program

One proven way to make money on Audible is through its Creator Program. If you’re a social media influencer, blogger, podcaster, or even vlogger, you should Audible Creator Program. Through the Creator Program, you have joined Audible as an affiliate.

When you have joined the Audible program, now, you are all set to ask your audience to join Audible. All you have to do is ask your audience to join Audible by offering them a free audiobook. Also, you can offer them Audible free trial membership.

Now, once you promote your referral link, you make money. Each time someone, among your audience, signs up for Audible through your referral code, you will earn dollars. This is how you are going to leverage your wide range audience to earn money on Audible.

Affiliate Marketing Program

Another way to make money on Audible is to join the Audible Affiliate Marketing Program. If you are a website owner or blogger, I will recommend you to join this affiliate program. This program is exclusively created for bloggers or website owners by Audible. It is commonly known as the Amazon Associate Program.

To make money through this program, all you have to do is to promote your link. You can advertise Audible books, its membership plans, and free trials on your own website or blog. You will also earn commissions when your visitors purchase your recommended or reviewed Amazon products.

I have listed the steps for you so you can easily understand. It is as follows:

  1. To sign up for Amazon Affiliate Program, simply go to the affiliate section available on the Audible website.
  2. After completing the first step, now, find all the affiliate links and images. For this, start advertising Audible books and plans.
  3. Each time your visitor signs up through your link, you will earn dollars.
  4. Moreover, when your visitor subscribes to an Audible membership, you will earn $10.
  5. Also, you will earn a commission of $0.50 on each purchase of an Audible audiobook by your visitor

Publishing an Audiobook

Another proven way to make money from Audible is to self-publish your audiobook. You can narrate and write your own audiobook on Audible to make money.

When you will publish your own audiobook through Audible ACX, you will earn money over its purchase. If somebody also purchases your audiobook on or iTunes, you can also earn money at this time as well.

This is how you’re going to earn money by publishing audiobooks on Audible. So, if you’re a writer or publisher, start publishing your audiobooks today.

Providing Services as an Audible Narrator

If your voice is not creepy, and you have a love for audiobooks, the best possible way to earn money on Audible is to become a narrator on it. This is the best niche for people like you who are crazy to narrate audiobooks. If you have the right skills to be a narrator, this way is going to become a solid source of income for you.

Audible also allows you to earn royalties as a narrator. It gives you a choice, whether you can share 50% of your royalties on sales with the author or set an hourly rate. It also allows you to choose both options as well.

To become an Audible narrator, you need to create an account on Audible ACX. Once your profile is ready, you are all set to earn money as an Audible narrator.

ACX Bounty Program

ACX Bounty Program is another way which helps you make money on Audible. It helps you to earn even more when anybody subscribes to Audible.

How to Make Money with Audible Amazon?

ACX Bounty Program is an affiliate marketing tool. It is considered to be very lucrative for self-publishing authors. It is of real use, particularly when you market your self-published audiobook on your own website or blog. Through this, you will be able to get a unique referral link that you can easily add to your website.

Whenever your website visitor is going to join the Audible platform through your referral link, you’re going to earn benefits as well. You are going to earn commissions. Whenever the visitor is subscribing to Audible membership plans with the help of your referral link, you will make dollars.

Audible Podcast Development Program

Another credible way to earn money on Audible is its Podcast Development Program. It is not very easy to be a Podcaster, but if you are one, Audible Podcast Development Program is for you.

This program will help you earn up to $10000. All you have to do is to create a podcast with Audible and reach millions of passionate listeners through this program. If you have a story that is worth listening to, join this program today.

The Audible Podcast Development Program will earn you many benefits. Some benefits are listed as follows:

  • It awards you $10K to develop your idea.
  • It covers all your production costs.
  • The program also facilitates you with editorial and script guidance.
  • It also provides you with production and casting expertise.
  • Through this program, you can use Audible state-of-the-art production and equipment resources.
  • It also facilitates mentorship and peer networking opportunities.
  • It gives the opportunity to reach millions of people.
How to Make Money with Audible Amazon?

Overall, the Audible Podcast Development Program is worth joining by any podcaster. It will give you great exposure, and you will never have experienced such a thing before.

Highest Earning Audible Accounts

Audible is a great rewarding platform for you. You can earn quite handsome money with Audible. For you to have an idea, I have listed the figures which you can earn using different ways. These are as follows:

  • Through the Affiliate Program, you can earn $15 per sale.
  • By creating audiobooks, you can easily earn almost $15 to $25 per book.
  • By selling Audible Products and Services, you can earn a commission, which is $0.50 per audiobook.
  • By becoming a narrator on Audible, you can make $500 to $5000 per book. This is the most rewarding niche on Audible.

Earning Opportunity


Affiliate Program

$15 per sale

Creating Audiobooks

$15 to $25 per book

Selling Audible Products/Services

$0.50 per audiobook

Becoming a Narrator on Audible

$500 to $5000 per book (rewarding)

Now, let’s take a look at successful creators who are earning money on this platform.

  • Paula Hawkins

Paula Hawkins is an Audible Author. She is the writer of the most popular novel “The Girl on the Train”.

Audible has identified this audiobook as the most wish-listed audiobook available on the platform. This audiobook is 10 hours long and falls in the category of a “novel”. It has been narrated by India Fisher, Clare Corbett, and Louise Brealey.

This audiobook has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Almost 139,600 has contributed to its rating. These stats make it a lot easier to observe the author making a lot of money on Audible.

  • Knowledge by Marcus

Marcus is an Audible Affiliate. He has joined an affiliate program of Audible while running a YouTube channel known as “Knowledge”.

He is currently earning $100 per day using its affiliate program. The best part of his earning mechanism is that all of his earnings are considered to be passive incomes on Audible.

Most importantly, he has also created a video on this process. He has outlined every single detail regarding the program. You can watch the step-by-step process covered by him in the video. He has made this video for you to achieve the same success.

  • George Guidall

George Guidall is an Audible Narrator. He is an 81-year-old US actor. He is considered to be the highest-paid narrator on Audible.

He has narrated almost 1300 audiobooks on Audible. Not only that, but he has narrated a wide range of popular works available on Audible. Furthermore, he has narrated the works of Stephen King, Jonathan Franzen, and the famous Dostoevsky.

You can assume his greatness through his commendable work on Audible.

Tips to Get Most Out of Audible Platform

Now, it is clear to you how you can make money on Audible in different ways. But, remember, not everybody is able to make the most out of it. So, I am also giving you additional tips that will help you leverage the Audible Platform.

These tips are surely going to help you get the most out of the Audible Platform.

Always Select a Profitable Niche

Choosing a profitable niche is a wise decision that you have to take. This is one of the best ways that will help you create a consistent income. This seems interesting to you, but you also have to make it interesting for others. In this way, you can generate more sales as a creator on the Audible platform.

Pro Tip: Remember, when it comes to selecting the right niche, not every topic is worth it to create an audiobook on it.

Get Yourself Partnered with Brands and Influencers

You can partner with Brands and Influencers for the mutual promotion of your products or services on Audible. This is another way through which you can enhance your income.

In this way, you each are going to avail benefits from the other’s audience. This will open up new ways of generating more sales.

Always Sell through ACX

Another way to make the most out of Audible is that you make sure to sell your audiobooks through Audiobook Creation Exchange. It is commonly known as ACX as well.

This will offer you an opportunity to sell exclusively on various platforms. These platforms commonly include Amazon, iTunes, and Audible. It will also let you receive 40% of the royalties.

If you decide to choose the non-exclusive route, you will, unfortunately, receive only 25% of the royalties. So, it is not a wise decision to select a non-exclusive route. Another drawback of non-exclusive routes is not being able to split your royalties with your producer.

Engage Yourself with Your Listeners to Build Your Fanbase

With the help of social media, you can easily interact with your listeners. You can engage in relevant discussions with them and can easily respond to their views. It will help you build a loyal fan base.

The advantage of building a loyal fan base is that it can lead to repeatable purchases. It will also let you earn positive recommendations as well.

In this way, you can easily enhance your earnings on Audible.

Look for Audible Promotional Programs and Leverage it

Always look for Audible Promotional Programs and avail them rapidly. This will help you get more earnings on Audible.

Always explore Audible Promotional Programs. These include Daily Deals, Whispersync for Voice, and Kindle Unlimited. Through these programs, you’ll be able to secure a chance of getting your work featured.

This method can surely boost your sales and reach to expand your audience.

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Can you actually make money from Audible?

Yes, you can make money from Audible. There are three ways to make money as a narrator on Audible. These are as follows:

  • PFH (Per-Finished-Hour): For the whole book, you will get paid a flat rate payment.
  • Royalty Share: You will split the royalties 50/50 with the authors or the one who holds rights.
  • Royalty Share Plus: It is actually a combination of PFH and royalty share.

How much money does Audible pay?

The amount of money Audible pays depends on the program you choose. It pays authors 25% royalties on audiobooks. On the other hand, it pays 40% royalties for those individuals who agree to an exclusive contract.

In reality, it is actually well below the industry standard. The creators of digital games and apps are likely to get 70% of the royalties.

Can you make money with audiobooks?

Yes, you can make money while doing this work. An audiobook narrator actually gets paid to read books aloud. With a number of job opportunities, he can earn extra money.

However, if you decide to join the Voice Realm, your samples of voice must be of studio quality. Also, you may need to have a decent track record.

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Indeed, it is possible to make money with Audible Amazon. From the Audible Creator program to the ACX bounty program, there are various ways to get started. You just need to be equipped with the right strategy. Also, you may need the rightful skills that are going to help you to set off on this incredible journey.

With the above step-by-step guide, you can easily generate passive and active income streams through Audible. Fortunately, it is a relatively new and rewarding platform for you to try. You can easily leverage it to generate handsome income with the right strategy.

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