How Much Money Can You Make From An eBook? [Expand Your Revenue]

Are you considering writing an eBook and wondering how much money you can make? The answer is:

The money you earn from selling eBooks relies on various factors – book title, author, storyline, quality, etc. Some authors have made millions from their eBooks, while others struggle to profit significantly.

Written Word Media found that, on average, self-published authors earn around $2,500 annually from ebook sales. However, this figure varies widely based on genre, pricing, and marketing efforts. The study also revealed that authors who priced their ebooks between $2.99 and $4.99 earned the most, with an average annual income of $3,297.

Well, if you want to understand more about eBook earning, stick to this article; I’ll shed light on the factors that can influence the earning potential of an eBook and give you some tips on maximizing your income.

With that said, let’s dive right in!

Earning From An eBook

How Much Money Can You Make From An eBook?

Writing an ebook is relatively cheap, but the great news is that you can earn many bucks in a day or sometimes nothing by selling it on a prestigious platform.

The price of an ebook can range from 1$ to many dollars, and every time a copy of your book is sold, the publishing company keeps a portion of the earnings.

The best thing about ebooks is that you can write about any topic and earn money. The best place to sell ebooks is surely Amazon, and its Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) allows you to earn a 70% royalty for every book you sell.

For example, if the price of your book is 1$, you can earn 0.70$ for each sale. If the book costs $2.99, you can get a royalty of $2.09. If you sell 100 copies for 2.99$ (with 70% royalty), you can receive $209 in your account.

Remember that price of the book depends on the reviews, competition, and length. If you have extra money for investment, spend it on marketing your ebook to generate more profit and get a huge success.

Best Platforms To Sell eBooks

How Much Money Can You Make From An eBook?

You write an ebook; what’s next? Well, the next thing you need to do is to publish your book on the best platform to sell it and earn a handsome amount.

Let’s check what are some of the best platforms for selling ebooks.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

For those who want to self-publish their ebooks, Amazon creates the best platform for them. Here authors can publish their writing directly to Kindle.

The writers need to send digital copies of their books to Amazon; when the buyer buys the book, Amazon takes the next responsibility on its shoulders, such as shipping, printing, and customer service.

Plust, the author will earn a commission on every copy sold. Each author can get 70% of the sales price (when the book fulfills certain conditions).

Apple Books

Another world’s best platform to sell ebooks is Apple Books; it is especially the favorite of all iPhone and Apple device users. No matter the ebook’s list price, Apple Book offers authors 70% royalties; happily, there are no hidden fees or third-party ads.

You only need to create an iTunes Connect account with Apple Books to publish an ebook. After signing in, you can publish the books in EPUB ebook formats. The publishing process is simple; the book is ready to capture many readers after you have done all the work.


For all new and experienced ebook writers, Smashwords is an amazing publisher and distributor. Here they can submit the EPUB or word document and let the Smashwords change it to digital format and distribute it to major ebook platforms.

Google Play

Google Play is a store belonging to Google where users can find apps, games, movies, and of course, ebooks. The content offered by Google is available for all android users, and authors can sell their ebooks here easily.

The first step authors must take to join the partnership scheme (Google Books). This membership allows authors to send the books to the website in PDF or EPUB formats.

The benefit of opting for Google Play is that the author can control their text and select the countries where they want to publish the ebooks. As long as the author accepts the Google Terms of Service, they can get 70% of revenue from the sales.

Barnes & Noble (NOOK)

Barnes & Noble is one of the best online bookstores, with nearly 1 million ebooks on different topics. Readers can read the ebooks on their favorite gadgets using its NOOK app.

Using Barnes & Noble Press, writers can publish their ebooks and sell them to several readers. On this platform, authors can earn 70 percent of the retail price.

Best Selling Topics Of eBooks

Writing and selling eBooks is a great way to start earning, but first, you must be very cautious about the book topic. Remember, eBook sales are rising with time due to the high prices of printed books and the advancement of technology.

So, choose topics wisely if you want to become a bestseller. Below we mentioned the popular eBook ideas; read carefully and see why they are the best.

Self-Help eBooks

How Much Money Can You Make From An eBook?

Self-help is one of the best eBook genres because it covers many daily life topics such as personal development, management, physical and mental health, and more.

Your eBook would be better for targeting a specific class, like busy parents, retired people, students, employees, women, etc. To make the eBook standalone, you must focus on style and way of writing; you can add humor or other ways to approach the topic.


How Much Money Can You Make From An eBook?

Fictional eBooks are in demand, and many authors earn handsome amounts by selling fictional stories. Fiction is a piece of literature created from human imagination. Mystery, romance, science fiction, and fantasy are all fiction genres.

On the world’s best eBook platforms, thousands of fiction books are available for a few dollars. You can enjoy eBooks even for free using the Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Ebooks For Kids

How Much Money Can You Make From An eBook?

If you are interested in children’s psychology, write eBooks for them. While many kids love to turn the book pages and read them by holding them in their hands, some teenagers still like to read eBooks on children’s fiction on tablets, phones, or other gadgets.

It is a huge market for eBooks, and you can cover a wide range of work in your books, such as folk songs, picture books, short stories, fairy tales, lullabies, and much more.

Women Health

How Much Money Can You Make From An eBook?

God created men and women differently, and there are many medical conditions on which women cannot talk openly. So, eBooks dealing with women’s health are a great idea to help several super ladies persuasively.

As an author, you can cover topics such as endometriosis, gynecology, or menopause. Moreover, you can also write eBooks for new mothers or older women.

Time Management And Work From Home

How Much Money Can You Make From An eBook?

Work-from-home concepts get hipe, especially after COVID-19, as many offices allow employees to work online. Those who lost their jobs either started their online businesses or worked as freelancers.

This new trend has opened a great need for advice on managing time, staying focused, and maintaining a work-life balance. You can write on these topics to help people search for the answers to these questions.

Diet And Recipes

How Much Money Can You Make From An eBook?

With the changing global patterns, people are becoming more diet-conscious and fitness freaks. They love reading diet and recipe books to keep fit without doing hectic exercises.

Writing recipe books and dietary plans is a great way to capture the attention of large readers. In these eBooks, you can cover everything, such as batch cooking, dinner meals, and other fancy recipes.

eBooks On Environmental Issues

How Much Money Can You Make From An eBook?

Climate change is a hot topic of discussion nowadays; unfortunately, no country has been spared from the effects of climate change.

That is why people are now trying to opt for every possible means to spend a sustainable lifestyle by reducing carbon emissions. If you cover the eBook on this topic, it can be a huge success.

Tips To Make Ebooks More Profitable

eBooks must be engaging and persuasive if authors want to earn more from them. You can make your eBooks talk of the town using multiple ways. Let’s check them out!

Font Selection

It would be better to stick with two font styles for your eBooks (avoid using multiple fonts). Use a different font style for headings and body text. The suggested fonts for the body of the eBook are Verdana, Lato, and Garamond.

Color Choice

Always choose colors that look soothing to readers’ eyes; it would be great if you use black or dark gray for body text. For visuals and illustrations, always use sophisticated colors.

Page Numbers

Don’t forget to add page numbers in the eBook, but remember not to add them numbers on the info pages, cover, or table of contents.

Visual Hierarchy

For every page of the eBook, follow the rules of visual hierarchy. Every new section should start with the main titles, followed by the subtitles. Add footnotes and image captions to make the eBook more engaging and understandable.

Margins And Spacing

The biggest mistake authors make in eBook designs is wrong margins. Give the pages a big enough margin so the main text will lie in the center. Maintain the same margin for every single page.

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What Are The Essential Features Of An eBook?

Some great features can make any eBook standalone, so remember to add the features mentioned below the next time you write an eBook on any topic.

  1. Beautiful and sophisticated cover
  2. Striking title
  3. Authors Page
  4. Table of contents
  5. Engaging body text
  6. Data and Stats
  7. Charts or Graphics
  8. Links
  9. Social Sharing Button
  10. Call-to-Action

Frequently Asked Questions

We all want to earn a heavy amount through eBooks but to do so; we should have clear ideas about certain things; below are some frequently asked questions, and you can explore them to make your eBook-earning journeys seamless.

What Is The Commonly Used Layout For eBooks?

ePUB reflowable layout is the standard eBook layout because it can comfortably adapt to various mobile devices.

What Are Different eBook Formats?

eBooks are mainly in five different formats, including TXT (.txt) format, EPUB (.epub), MOBI (.mobi), AZW (.azw), AZW3 (.azw3), and PDF (.pdf).

What Should Be The Length Of An eBook?

Generally, an eBook consists of 2000 to 2500 words, which means each section has nearly 300 to 3500 words. Write the main points persuasively and concisely so the readers will enjoy your eBook and not get bored.

What To Write On The Last Page Of An eBook?

You must attach the Copyright and Disclaimers Page at the end of an eBook. This page should briefly explain restrictions on using the content( for example, permission to share or not) and other important stuff that the authors want to mention.

Can You Add Images In eBooks?

Illustrations and images are an integral part of an eBook because these can make eBooks more valuable for readers.

Our Summary

The number of earnings you can make from an eBook relies on numerous elements – content quality, audience size, and your marketing efforts.

Suppose you have a niche audience with a strong demand for your topic, and your eBook provides valuable information that is not easily accessible elsewhere. In that case, you could potentially earn a significant income. However, if your eBook competes in a crowded market or lacks originality, you may struggle to generate substantial revenue.

It’s important to note that selling eBooks is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Some authors may only make a few hundred dollars, while others may earn thousands or even millions of dollars. Building an audience, creating high-quality content, and marketing your eBook take time and effort.

Ultimately, you are supposed to regard all the factors that are necessary to earn well through the ebook; for detailed information and helpful tips, you can read this blog post thoroughly.

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