How Many Pages Does An eBook Have? [2023 Details]

If you are writing an eBook or simply getting an idea about the book-length, remember – it should not be so long because, in the end, it is the quality that matters, not quantity.

A standard eBook contains 10-20 pages, but 24 pages or more are also fine. The book cost and number of pages are related, so eBooks with 50 pages or more cost higher ($100). Popular eBooks costing between $20 and $29 can have up to 100 pages, but eBooks priced between $5-13 usually have 20 pages.

To explore more eye-opening facts regarding eBooks, stick to the blog till the end and pick an eBook to make your leisure time more exciting!

What Is The Ideal Length Of An eBook?

How Many Pages Does An eBook Have

You want to use the most words possible to express your knowledge or tell your narrative; its potential is limitless. However, an eBook may include as many words as a full-length book or printed book but generally consists of roughly 3,000 words.

I will discuss three ideal eBook lengths, read them, and decide on your next eBook.

Short eBooks

Short eBooks are the best way to get target audiences’ responses on any specific topic. They can be from a few pages to a thousand words. Marketers believe that short-form eBooks perform better than long-form when the length is considered.

Writing a brief eBook is a superb option to engage e-readers with limited attention spans and who want to learn something worthwhile. Some prominent examples of short books are guides on tourism, career, beauty, health and fitness, nutrition, self-grooming, and lists or research summaries.

Medium Sized eBooks

Medium size eBooks are great for selling short stories, fictional stories, or children’s books. Nowadays, these eBooks are replacing printed books quickly because they are comfortable to read and convey messages beautifully.

Typically, a mid-size eBook consists of 5000-20,000 words, but this number may vary from writer to writer and topic.

Writing medium-sized books is considered the best option for creators who want to establish their business, so never compromise on quality and try to convey the message compellingly.

If writers want to earn from medium-sized books, they need to lessen the price so their eBooks can capture a large pool of e-readers.

Long eBooks

Long books are liked mainly by bookworms who love spending leisure time reading various books on different topics — all they need is a book, a cup of coffee, and pin-drop silence.

In long-size eBooks, readers gain in-depth knowledge of the topic and enjoy reading on their favourite gadgets for days. These extended pieces of content need at least three sittings to finish.

Moreover, content creators should always try to get the reader’s feedback, watch new channels, and write on topics circulating on various platforms.

Generally, a long eBook with 20,000-25,000 words means 300 or fewer pages, which seems too much but not for e-readers’ overwhelming response.

How Lengthy Is A Kindle eBook?

How Many Pages Does An eBook Have

The average Kindle eBook comprises 75000 words and 300 pages, and the file size is 2.6 MB.

The word count of any eBook depends on the genre and type. The nonfiction books typically contain 50,000-75,000 words which make 153 to 230 eBook pages.

If the book is fictional, it will be longer and have nearly 80,000-100,000 words, causing 246 to 307 eBook pages.

No matter what, you can easily download eBooks and I have explained how in another article.

Types Of Books And Word Count Length

How Many Pages Does An eBook Have

The word count of an eBook depends on the type of the eBook. Let’s check out different genres of books and their word count.

eBooks For Children

Children’s books have less word count because they contain several eye-catching images and gleaming illustrations. Kids like books with a low word count as they provide a simple and user-friendly experience.

Short digital books (with pages of a few hundred) are always preferred by kids because, many times, short means more effective. Remember one thing: by adding graphics, you can raise kids’ interest, but it will also increase the book-length (number of pages).

Self-Care eBooks

Undoubtedly, self-care is the most popular topic of eBooks, which therapists and healthcare service providers mostly like to consider.

Self-care books’ word count length ranges between 30,000 to 60,000 words. Although this page’s length range looks extensive, page length often varies depending on the font size, writing style, and publishers’ other rules.

Those books that need to target therapists must not be too long, so writers must focus on their topic and write concisely.

Fictional eBooks

The Kindle store and other online book retailers both sell fiction eBooks. They differ significantly in length, just like print novels, with the sole difference being that the book is also available in digital form.

Fictional eBooks come in various lengths, from short tales to complete novels, and sometimes they are at the novel’s length.

Many fiction novels are self-published and are optional to follow the policies and guidelines (such as book-length and theme) established by traditional publishing businesses.


It is exciting that eBook length is measured in words but not pages. There is no set rule about their eBook pages length because it can vary depending on the genre.

For example, children’s book is shorter than a codebook and a codebook is shorter than a book that contains research on a complex topic. In the end, the purpose is to convey comprehensive information in a concise and precise way.

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