How Do I Read An Audible Book? (Steps)

Reading an audiobook is now very easy and simple. Audible is a popular platform that has a number of audiobooks. As a newbie, you’ll feel a little overwhelmed by the variety.

Navigating through them and finding the right book may be a bit of a hassle for you. But you don’t have to worry about anything as I’m going to walk you through the whole process.

First, you need to sign up for an account and then download the Audible app on your device. Once done, you can then browse through the available audiobooks. Select the one that you like and download it on your device! That’s it, it’s just that simple!

Now let’s just move further on this topic!

How Do I Read An Audible Book?

How Do I Read An Audible Book

You can follow the following steps to read the Audible book:

  1. Open your eBook on your device
  2. Tap on the screen to reveal a tray at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Search the section saying “Audible Narration.”
  4. Now click on it and start downloading the book. You need to download the audio version first if it’s not pre-downloaded.
  5. Once the download is complete, you can click on the book to listen and read it all together.

And that’s all! However, if you are facing trouble when downloading or playing the audio version, you should check your device’s settings and ensure the Audible app is up-to-date.

How Do I Switch From Audible To Reading?

Switching from Audible to reading is pretty easy! All you need to do is tap on the book icon and it will take you back to the book. From there, you can switch between reading and listening without any hassle, and you won’t lose your place in the book.

So, whether you want to take a break from listening and reading for a while or switch back to listening, it’s all just a tap away.

How Much Of Audible Is Free?

You must be wondering if your favorite audiobook is free or not. Well, I’ve found an amazing offer for you. Audible offers a 30-day free trial for you. You can use this trial to explore a variety of books. Another benefit is that this free trial offers you a free credit. This free credit can be utilized to download any book for free!

But wait, there’s more—if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’re in luck! You can have access to not 1, but 2 free credits. This means you can listen to two audiobooks without spending a single penny. It’s a great offer for you if you want to have a slow start and want to know whether audiobooks are your cup of tea or not.

Can You Read Audible Books on an iPhone?

How Do I Read An Audible Book

My answer to this question is absolutely YES! You can have the fun of audiobooks on your iPhone. Irrespective of your iPhone model, you can have the world of audiobooks on your phone.

The good news doesn’t stop there! If you own an iPad mini 4 or any iPad Pro model, you can also enjoy Audible’s extensive collection of audiobooks.

Which Audible App Is Free?

The Audible app is available for free! This means you can download it on your iOS or Android device and start listening to audiobooks straight away. In addition, you can also listen to your audiobooks on many other devices. These include Alexa-enabled devices, compatible Fire tablets, Kindles, etc.

So, go ahead and download the app to start enjoying your favourite audiobooks today!

Are There Free Audiobooks On Spotify?

Unfortunately, free audiobooks aren’t available on Spotify. But the bad news doesn’t stop here – you don’t have access to any free audibook on Spotify even if you have a premium account. You can have free podcasts, videos, or songs, but free audiobooks? A big no!

Moreover, the prices of audiobooks on Spotify vary as per the popularity and length of the book. These prices vary, from $3 for shorter works such as children’s books up to around $40 for epic sagas like George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones. So, unfortunately, if you’re looking for free audiobooks, you’ll have to search elsewhere.

What Is The Difference Between Audible And Audiobooks?

Audiobooks are audiobooks that can be bought or rented separately. In contrast, Audible is an Amazon-owned subscription-based audiobook service – offering a huge collection of audiobooks for a monthly price.

As I mentioned earlier, Audible offers you a free trial for 30 days. You can use it to get hands on any of your favorite books. But audiobooks don’t have any membership system.

Here’s a table that helps you in understanding the difference between audiobooks and Audible:



Audible Books

Ownership Model



Price Range

$7.95 to $14.95/month

Between $10 to $25



Bookmarks, Notes

Audio Quality


Higher than its closest competitor

Does Audible Give You The Text?

Audible is a platform offering you plenty of audio books. When you select a book to listen to on Audible, you aren’t provided with the actual text. Instead, a narrator will read the book to you.

Moreover, the book text on Audible is displayed on the screen as the audio continues to play. You can easily hear a few lines but you cannot control the pace of the displayed text and the display duration. This is something that makes it different from other traditional books or ebooks where you flip pages to read text.

Is It Better To Read Or Audible?

How Do I Read An Audible Book

Books are friends of everyone! So, it doesn’t really matter if you are listening or reading them as both offer you knowledge and many other benefits.

I believe when someone is reading a book, their brain is engaged in visual processing of scenes. One creates mental images of characters, events, and settings in mind that make reading more joyful.

In comparison, listening to audiobooks activates the language processing area of your brain.

How Do People Make Money On Audible?

Making money on Audible isn’t that difficult. Audible offers an affiliate program – you can refer the platform to others and make money. Just sign up for the Audible program and get your custom URL. You can now share this link with friends and family via social media or on your website.

Every time someone clicks on the link and signs up, they get a $15 commission as a reward. The best part about this is that you don’t need to do marketing or hard selling, just share the link and you’ll soon have money.

Whenever someone clicks on your link and signs up for an Audible membership, you will earn a $15 commission. You don’t need to convince anyone to buy anything or engage in any hard selling. Simply share the link and let people decide for themselves if they want to join Audible.

If you have secured at least $30 commission, Audible will deliver you this amount every month at your payment credentials. So, if you have a sizable audience that enjoys audiobooks, the Audible affiliate program can be a great way to earn some extra income.

Is There A Free Audiobook Library?

I’ve a very exciting answer to this, Yes – LibriVox is the free audiobook library. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who loves listening and reading books. This platform has a versatile collection of over 16,000 audiobooks that are free to download.

But there’s more! These books are read and loved by hundreds, if not thousands, of book readers worldwide. Therefore, LibriVox is your ultimate choice for listening to free audiobooks.

What Is The Largest Audiobook Library?

If you’re looking for a comprehensive audiobook library, Audible is definitely worth checking out. With over 425,000 titles, it boasts the largest selection of audiobooks on the market. Whether you’re into classic literature or the latest bestsellers, Audible’s extensive library is sure to have something that catches your interest.

Having such a vast collection of audiobooks means you’ll have plenty of options to choose from and will likely never run out of books to listen to.

Plus, Audible subscription service allows you to access its entire library for a monthly fee, making it an affordable way to enjoy a seemingly endless stream of audiobooks.

Is Google Audio Books Free?

Yes, some audiobooks on Google are now available for free. These books are auto-narrated, which means that instead of a human narrator, a computerized voice reads the book to you.

However, please note that not all audiobooks on Google are free, and some may require payment to access. It’s always a good idea to check the pricing before selecting an audiobook.

How Many Pages Is An Audiobook?

You’re wondering how many pages an audiobook typically covers, the good news is that you won’t need to sit through a marathon listening session to get through a lengthy book. In fact, audiobooks usually follow a different measurement than physical books since there are no pages to turn.

Typically, the length of an audiobook is measured by the number of hours and minutes it takes to listen to the entire recording. And as for the length of the book itself, industry standards suggest that most audiobooks are around 300-350 pages.

How Long Is 1 Audiobook?

Typically, the average length of an audiobook is around 10 hours. This can vary depending on the book and the reader’s pace, but it’s a good rule of thumb to keep in mind.

When it comes to downloading audiobooks from Audible, the amount of space required depends on the quality you choose.

For high-quality downloads, each hour of audiobook will take up about 28-30 megabytes (MB) of space. If you opt for standard quality, you can expect each hour to take up approximately 14-15 MB of space.

How Long Is A Full Audiobook?

When it comes to audiobooks, the length can vary depending on the book’s word count. On average, a fiction novel usually contains around 50,000 to 70,000 words, with 60,000 words being the typical amount.

This means that an audiobook for a book of this length would typically be around 6.5 hours long, or what is referred to in the industry as 6.5 “finished hours.”

How Many GB Is An Audiobook?

Well, as per my opinion and the facts available on the internet, the space an audiobook occupies completely depends upon the length of the audiobook.

On average, an audiobook requires around 28-30 MB of space per hour of recording. For instance, if you have an eight-hour audiobook, it may occupy less than 250 MB of storage space.

Moreover, many audiobooks are lengthy and with around 10 hours length, so you can expect them to take up around 280 MB of space on your device. But again, this is just the average information. The actual space an audiobook may take varies depending on different factors. These include the quality of the recording, the format it’s in, and any extra features or bonuses that come with it.

What Equipment Do I Need To Listen To Audiobooks?

There’s no need for special equipment to listen to audiobooks. In reality, as long as you have a smart device with a stable connection, you are good to go!

A smartphone is considered a popular choice though, but computers and tablets also work. Even if you are a proud owner of an Apple watch, you can have access to audiobooks on the go.

Have you ever wondered if you will lose Audibles if you cancel it? If not, then I have answered it in another guide.


In conclusion, reading an Audible book is a great experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in stories. Not only this but you also gain knowledge and get a chance to explore new worlds.

You just have to follow a few steps, such as signing up for an Audible membership, browsing the extensive library, and using the app on a compatible device. And you’ll have access to a wealth of audiobooks at your fingertips.

So, go ahead and give Audible a try – you might just discover a whole new way of experiencing stories that fit seamlessly into your busy life.

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