How Do I Download An eBook From A Website? [Comprehensive Guide]

Are you looking to download an eBook from a website but unsure where to begin? Don’t worry; it’s actually relatively straightforward! Most eBook websites have a download link or button to click to start the procedure. Sometimes, you may need to develop an account or furnish some basic information before you can download the eBook. But once you’ve clicked the download link, the eBook file will be saved to your computer or device, ready for you to read.

But with so many websites and file formats, downloading ebooks naturally feels overwhelming. That’s why this guide walks you through the steps of downloading an eBook from the web; whether you’re using a desktop computer, laptop, or mobile, our easy-to-follow instructions can help you download and enjoy your new book in no time.

A Guide To Download an eBook From a Website: General Tips

How Do I Download An eBook From A Website?

If you, instead of visiting the website every time, want to download your favorite ebook, you can follow the steps to make your process go smoothly.

1: Go To The Website

How Do I Download An eBook From A Website?

Visit the website hosted by the eBook and locate the download link, which may be a button or a hyperlink.

2: Find The Download Link

How Do I Download An eBook From A Website?

Tap on the download link to begin the download process. This way, you will be prompted to save the file or choose a download location on your device.

3: Format Compatibility

How Do I Download An eBook From A Website?

If the eBook is in a particular file format, such as EPUB or PDF, you must ensure the availability of the compatible reader on your device. Remember – several free eBook reader apps are available for different devices, such as Adobe Digital Editions, Calibre, and Kindle – you can choose accordingly.

4: Go To App Reader

How Do I Download An eBook From A Website?

Open the eBook file with your favorite reader app after downloading it.

5: Follow The DRM

How Do I Download An eBook From A Website?

If the eBook is guarded with Digital Rights Management (DRM), you may need to authorize your reader app with the appropriate credentials or software before accessing the content.

6: Enjoy The Downloaded Book

How Do I Download An eBook From A Website?

Once the eBook is downloaded and opened in your reader app, you can start reading.

You must note that the exact steps for downloading an eBook may vary depending on the website, file format, and device you use. Some websites may require you to create an account or log in to access their eBook collection.

Steps To Download eBooks From OverDrive And Project Gutenberg

Since already discussed, every website features a different downloading process; above, we have mentioned some general steps. Below are steps that you can opt to download eBooks from Project Gutenberg and OverDrive.


  1. Go to a search engine, type Overdrive website, and click “Find a Library.”
  2. Use the maps search bar to look for a local library.
  3. Underneath the map, you will see the library name and a dialog box “see the digital collection.”
  4. After clicking it, you will find a window; enter the login details here. Browse the library collection to borrow eBooks.


Overdrive is a program that covers 65,00 private and public libraries in more than 80 countries, so there is a high chance that you will find the nearest library, especially if you are a resident of the USA. You must need a library card from the local library to use this service.

Project Gutenberg

  1. Go to Project Gutenberg’s website.
  2. In the search bar, type the title of your eBook.
  3. To get the download page, click on the book cover.
  4. Of various file formats, pick the one per your liking.
  5. If you want to read the eBook on Kindle, choose it (if it is available).
  6. Remember to convert the file format from EPUB to load it on Kindle.
  7. Once downloaded the eBook in the right format, send it to the Kindle for reading.

Is It Safe to Download Free eBooks?

Yes, it is safe to download free eBooks but ensure you download them from a renowned website or store such as Amazon Kindle store, Smashword, or others.

With time, more people are shifting their reading trend; they now prefer reading digital books to printed ones. Remembering a few important things while dealing with eBooks would be better.

  1. Although many websites offer you to download free eBooks still, before picking one eBook, you have to check the legitimacy of the website or store.
  2. Avoid downloading pirated eBooks.
  3. Even if you download an eBook from a trusted website, some of the eBooks still contain malicious software that will install spyware or enter viruses in the gadgets or computers, so you have to be very careful (installing an antivirus program on the PC would be good for safety).
  4. Never distribute eBooks without the company or author’s permission. Distributing copyrighted material without the author’s consent is a punishable offense.

Best Digital Libraries To Download eBooks

With technological advancement and soaring printed book prices, people now started reading eBooks. It is easy to download eBooks from various websites and online digital libraries. Below we mentioned some of them for your convenience.

1. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg has over 60,000 free ebooks for all passionate readers. You can download eBooks or read online on this platform. Here readers do not need an eBook reader or PDF on their gadgets to access the titles.

With Project Gutenberg, readers can also get access to the “bookshelves” to read about specific content, which means it can save time. If you are searching for particular content, instead of browsing through hundreds of titles, directly go to the bookshelf, and here you go.

You can also narrow the search by author, title, language, file type, and categories like pictures, music, or audiobooks. If you shift from printed books to Kindle, Project Gutenberg can be your best buddy; after choosing the book, enjoy it in Kindle format or read it online in plain text.

2. Wiley Online Library

Finding a trustworthy source for accessing essays, white papers, and science projects sometimes becomes a headache, but with Wiley Online Library, you can get all these things comfortably.

This prestigious online library has been serving millions of users for years; it has over 20,000 online books, nearly 1600 journals, and many reference works. Remember, much of its work is science focused. Wiley’s Business & Management collection has hundreds of ebooks and articles on business technology, management, and consumer behavior. For your convenience, this library offers you to search by subject, author name, date, or publisher.

Unfortunately, not all eBooks are free to download and read, but it is easy to browse specific chapters. Search for the Free Access icon to check which eBooks are available for free.

3. Free

On Free, you will get the treasure of eBooks in different categories. This online library has sections of Fiction, Academic, non-Fiction, Classics, Textbooks, and others. The collection is placed in an organized manner, which means you can find the desired title quickly and comfortably.

It is a great place to download many eBooks on various topics for free, but with certain exceptions. You first need to create an account by which you can access free only five times in one month and only in PDF format.

After reaching the five-time download limit, you must wait to download more titles next month. This does not suit many users; hence they can take advantage of their VIP account, which charges $7.95 a month and allow them to enjoy unlimited download in many other formats, not just PDF.

4. Baen Free Library

Baen Free Library mostly contains fantasy titles and Science Fiction eBooks. So, if you are interested in these topics, this is the best place for you. You can download or read eBooks online in MOBI, PDF, EPUB, or other formats. The great news is that users can email eBooks to any address.

5. Bookbub

Bokbub has a special eBook section from which readers can download hundreds of free titles. It continuously adds new titles to the collection, so be happy whenever you visit this library; you will get something fresh.

You can filter out the titles per your liking, and its eBooks are available to read on all major devices in renowned formats. Additionally, there is no limit on how much to download, meaning you can get many books simultaneously.

6. Open Library

It is the best platform to borrow or read many eBooks for free. Users need to sign up using the account to select their preferred eBooks. With a fast search, you can check multiple eBooks in different genres, from art to science fiction to medicine; the eBooks collection is huge. It allows you to filter eBooks by subjects, authors, or book titles to save precious time. If you don’t have any specific title, just click on any ebook and borrow it for free.

Best eBooks To Download From Different Platforms

If you are an eBook enthusiast and want to download some worthy eBooks, here are some of our suggestions.


How Do I Download An eBook From A Website?
  1. Realm of Dragons by Morgan Rice
  2. The First Time I Said Goodbye by Claire Allan
  3. A Heartless Design by Elizabeth Cole
  4. Orphan Train Escape by Rachel Wesson
  5. Edge of Shadows by Cege Smith


How Do I Download An eBook From A Website?
  1. What News Have You Brought Us Today? by Dode Sescri
  2. Run For Your Life by C.M. Sutter
  3. Unforgettable You by Heatherly Bell
  4. Coming Home by Samantha Skye
  5. Silent as the Grave by Cheryl Bradshaw


How Do I Download An eBook From A Website?
  1. Interview with a Blue Door by Theodora Oniceanu
  2. Michael Field by Mary Sturgeon
  3. A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle
  4. Agatha Christie’s The Murder on the Links
  5. Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

Project Gutenberg

How Do I Download An eBook From A Website?
  1. A Room with a View by E. M. Forster
  2. Middlemarch by George Eliot
  3. Moby Dick; Or, The Whale by Herman Melville
  4. The Adventures of Ferdinand Count Fathom — Complete by T. Smollett
  5. A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift

Benefits Of Downloading eBooks

Downloaded Ebooks help readers carry them wherever they go and enjoy a personalized reading experience. Moreover, readers can access many titles often unavailable in physical libraries or bookstores. Aside from the usefulness of the ebook, below are some benefits you can additionally enjoy by downloading the ebook.

Immediate Access

Once you download the eBook, you can read it directly and instantly. There’s no need to wait for it to be delivered or to travel to a bookstore or library.

Portability And Convenience

You can take downloaded eBooks with you wherever you go on a device such as a tablet, smartphone, or e-reader. This means you can take your library with you on the go without having to lug around heavy physical books.


One of the most noteworthy advantages of downloading eBooks is that they become more reasonable than their physical counterparts. According to a survey by Good e-Reader, eBooks are approximately 25-50% cheaper than print books.

Access To A Wider Range Of eBooks

eBooks provide access to a broader range of books, including out-of-print or hard-to-find titles. A survey performed by the Pew Research Center explains that 62% of eBook readers say that they like finding a wider variety of books than what is available at their local library or bookstore, which is highly beneficial for academic or research purposes.

Environmentally Friendly

EBooks are also environmentally friendly, eliminating the need for paper and reducing carbon emissions associated with transportation. Some reports explain that the paper industry is the fourth most significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the US. By downloading eBooks instead of buying physical books, you can decrease your carbon footprint and support sustainable practices.


Ebooks offer a range of customization options, such as changing font size or background color, which can make reading more comfortable for people with reading difficulties or visual impairment.

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Our Summary

Downloading eBooks from websites has numerous benefits, one of which is convenience; additionally, affordability and portability are also the benefits attached to the downloaded eBook.

You can locate the website hosted by the eBook to download an eBook. Then look for the download link and tap on it; this way, you will be taken to a download location on your gadget. Once the download is done, open the eBook file with a compatible reader app on your device and start reading. The exact steps may vary depending on the website, file format, and device used – for further assistance; you can read the mentioned above detail.

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