Does Scribd Have Audiobooks?

Due to the massive facilities of online platforms, many bookworms have become hardcore fans of eBooks and audiobooks, but they don’t know where to get them at a reasonable price and with the best quality.

If you also stand on the list of confused readers, I suggest you try Scribd, a fascinating app launched in 2007.

You get unlimited access to all of the content in Scribd’s enormous library of eBooks, audiobooks, periodicals, news, podcasts, and other materials when you subscribe. You can access their library during the free trial and cancel the free trial or subscription anytime.

If you want to know more about Scribd audiobooks and other features, read more details from this blog post. Let’s begin!

What Can You Get On Scribd?

Does Scribd Have Audiobooks

Scribd’s popularity is due to its quality features, as subscribers can read and listen to an infinite amount of audiobooks, eBooks, magazines, podcasts, and sheet music for just $9.95 each month. Many people called it the “Netflix For Books” due to its subscription-based business model.

Important Information Of Scribd

The following are some of the important details of Scribid.

Audiobook collection

40,000 estimated

Per month Membership


What you can get

Audiobooks, eBooks, Magazines, Sheet Music, Podcasts, and more

Audio Quality

32 kbps

App Store Rating



PC, iPhone, and Android, etc.

Customer Support


How To Locate An Audiobook On Scribd?

Does Scribd Have Audiobooks

You can either browse or search on Scribd to get an audiobook. Subscribers can choose the Audiobooks tab at the top of the page on the website or the app’s home screen if they don’t have a specific title in mind.

Several methods for accessing the audiobook content library are available on Scribd: an overview of suggestions and customized lists is also available. The categories specify the research and help you to only focus on your required genres and hobbies.

For book searching, it is recommended to use the author’s name or the book title, then follow the steps below.

  1. In the space provided, type your search term. All Scribd’s content libraries that match your search will be visible as you navigate the results.
  2. Now choose the Audiobook tab to look for all the titles that match your desired search in audio form.
  3. To access the book’s About page after finding an audiobook you’re interested in, click the book cover.
  4. You can start listening or save it later under the book’s cover.

Exclusivity Of Scribd App

The Scribd app is straightforward to navigate because of its simple and clean design. It is comfortable to download books, browse the titles and categories, switch between the e-book library and the audiobook collection, personalize your account depending on your interests, and more.

Every book available on this incredible app clearly shows the cover, synopsis, and author’s name, so users find the required book in no time.

The best part of this app is that if you need clarification about whether to buy a book, read the reviews of other members, and you can also check the related books. If readers enjoy the book, they may read it right away or put it in their library to read later.

Why Scribd: Reasons For Preference

There are various solid reasons to pick Scribd as an online book reading platform; I have mentioned some basic reasons below; you can read them to understand why it is favourable to get a subscription to this app.

Availability of Many Titles

The most adorable thing about Scribd is that number of Audiobooks, digital books, and much more are all available in one spot. A title is usually available digitally even if y can’t find it in audio format.

Works on Many Devices

Various mobile devices and eBook readers with internet connectivity can use the Scribd app. The Scribd app is presently compatible with iPad, iPhone, iOS 14, or newer.

You can easily find the app in Apple App Store or download the app from the Google play store for Android 5.5 and newer. Moreover, 4th Generation tablets may support the Scribd app’s latest version.

Important Notes:

  • It won’t be possible for iOS 12 users to update the Scribd app past version 12.2. You can also access the Scribd website on older devices via the web browser.
  • The Scribd app is not available for Android 4.4 and earlier devices.

You Can Listen to Books Offline

You can do almost everything other reading applications allow, including downloading books for offline listening and adding bookmarks.

Price is Excellent

The most notable thing regarding Scribd is its price. You can get tons of exceptional services by paying just 9.95$.

Best Audiobooks On Scribd

Although Scribd has a huge collection of audiobooks, some are worth listening to, so pick one from below and recommend them to others!

  1. All System Red (Murderbot Diaries), written by Martha Wells
  2. Just by Looking at Him, written by Ryan O’Connell
  3. Self-Made Boys, written by Anna-Marie McLemore
  4. A Thousand Steps into Night, written by Traci Chee
  5. Honey & Spice, written by Bolu Babalola
  6. A Psalm for the Wild-Built, written by Becky Chambers
  7. Legends & Lattes, written by Travis Baldree
  8. The Lesbian’s Guide to Catholic School, written by Sonora Reyes
  9. A Thousand Steps into Night, written by Traci Chee
  10. First Comes Like, written by Alisha Rai

Have you ever wondered if audiobooks Read The Entire Book? If yes, then check out the guide I have made to answer this.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Audiobooks Does Scribd Offer to Subscribers?

Scribd library has a huge collection of audiobooks and books subscribers can stream or download easily. Readers and listeners can get the best work of creators and authors from thousands of publishers. The estimated number of audiobooks is 40,0000.

Why are Some Audiobooks Unavailable on Scribd?

A Scribd algorithm prevents you from using their “unlimited” subscription after a certain amount, which makes some books unavailable. The novels are chosen based on the author, genre, publishers, and sometimes on reader interest and popularity.


People are ready to pay for Scribd because of its easy navigation, helpful customer support, brilliant features, and quick availability of countless audiobooks and other items.

The narration of the best artists, amazing tones, and pronunciation add a classic touch to the books. Moreover, this app has millions of subscribers due to its safety and legitimacy.

This blog post has mentioned some of the best audiobooks on Scribd, written by best-selling authors and narrated by experienced artists. So, next time when you want to listen to your favourite books, preferring Scribd subscriptions can be pretty favourable for you and your budget.

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