Do you have to have an amazon account to use audible?

Audible is the most popular audiobook subscription service that is available. They produce unique content that isn’t found elsewhere. In addition to long books, Audible has exclusive content, but they also have smaller monthly Audible Originals, including podcasts, sleep tracks, and meditation programs. They also offer Daily Deals and exclusive bundles, which include unlimited access to various other titles.

Yes, It is true that you need only an Amazon account to sign up for Audible. The trial allows users to download their first two books at no cost and select from millions of choices offered with no cost limit. Then, you’ll be able to use it freely for a month. If you sign up for your account, you do not require an Amazon account to sign in again with your account audible.

Here is a complete guide covering that point of amazon account importance in Audible accounts. Continue reading with us for this information.

Do you need an Amazon Account to sign up for Audible?

 Do you have to have an amazon account to use audible

Amazon’s Audible platform is specifically designed for Audiobooks. Suppose you’re finding that you need more time to curl up with the book. While you’re working or during your commute, the world is opening back up after the armed lockdown. In that case, It’s a fantastic method to listen to the top of both nonfiction and fiction.

Audible requires that users sign up using an Amazon account and then download the Audible app. It works on various devices (tablets, mobile phones, tablets, computers, tablets, Alexa) and platforms (iOS, Android, Windows). If you still need an Amazon account, you’ll require a new one. The easiest method for membership is to sign up on It starts with a 30-day trial for free. After you’ve signed in, the available credits will be displayed in the right-hand corner.

It depends on the plan you’re interested in:

  • The Audible Plus subscription gives unlimited access to thousands of titles from the Plus Catalog for $7.95 a month.
  • Audiobook Premium 1 Credit per month for each premium-quality selection of titles for $14.95 each month.
  • Audiobook Premium Plus 2 Credits monthly on any premium title for $22.95.
  • The Audible Premium Plus Annual 12 credits, at $12.46 per credit, or $149.50/ every year
  • Annual Audible Premium Plus 24 credits per year for $9.57 per credit, or $229.50 year

Members also receive an extra 30% discount on any books purchased with no credit, and you can return any audiobooks you do not like within one year of the purchase.

How do you log into your Audible account?

 Do you have to have an amazon account to use audible

To sign into your Audible account for Android, start by opening the Audible application. Next, on the lower right of the screen, click Sign In using your account’s Audible Username. If you have an Audible Username to access your account, sign in using the Amazon username and password. Once you have entered the details of your email username and password, you can hit Log in.

If you’re a member of Audible and require assistance accessing your account, There are some actions you can take. Make sure you have an email account with the correct password and address. Once you’ve provided your email address, you’ll get an email notification from Audible, including instructions on resetting your password. If you’ve lost your password, use the “Forgot Password” link on the Audible login page.

What perks do you get as a member?

Many! Access your Audible Plus catalog at all levels and the monthly or annual credits when you subscribe to Premium Plus plans. Plus, you get an additional 30 percent off on all titles you’d like to buy without credits. Here’s more information about a few features available within the Audible Plus catalog.

  • Audible Originals: They are titles designed exclusively for Audible and developed in the Audible studios. They range from theatrical productions and lectures on brain chemistry to romance novels.
  • Podcasts: Podcasts from Audible are free to members and offer diverse content suitable for everyone. The topics range from thrilling original fiction and hilarious comedy in business administration and history.
  • Sleep: The stories’ audioscapes, guided meditations, soundscapes, and more are designed to aid listeners in falling and remaining asleep and awake feeling rejuvenated.
  • Audible Latino: Audible also has hundreds of titles with narration in Spanish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Audible free with Amazon Prime?

It’s not true; Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus memberships are distinct and distinct from Prime memberships. However, Prime members get an additional benefit with the free trial: If you’ve never had or had an Audible Premium Plus membership before, Prime members can join for the 30-day trial. Day Trial for a free trial and receive two credits for free (non-Prime members receive just one credit) and accessibility to the Plus Catalogue. This credit can be used on any title in Audibles premium collection that can be kept for a long time.

Is Amazon login the same as Audible?

It’s not true; Amazon login and Audible login aren’t identical. Amazon Prime is a subscription service provided by Amazon which comes with a range of benefits like free shipping as well as the ability to access Prime Video as well as Prime Music. Audible is an affiliate of Amazon and provides benefits for digital audiobooks, like the ability to earn credits for audiobooks every month and discounts on audiobooks.

How do I find my Audible account details?

To access your Audible account information details, login to and go to the “Account Details” page. The page will inform the Audible plan you’re on, the current number of credits, and the date you’ll get the next credit. If you’ve any queries or questions regarding your Audible account, This is the site you should visit.


After reading this complete guide, you will see that an Amazon account is necessary to sign up for an Audible account. It’s not necessary to Sign in for an Audible account. If you’re still struggling to log in to an Audible account, you may call the Audible customer service team to get assistance. The customer support department at Audible is accessible 24/7.

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