Do Audiobooks Read The Entire Book?

Thanks to various devices and their apps that have made several books and texts easy to access, listen to, and complete. They are great for conveying the book’s message most straightforwardly and conveniently.

But, the question is, do these audiobooks read the entire book?

Similarly, depending on the book feature, type (length), and format, many audiobooks read the entire book while others read small. The ones labeled “Abridged” are truncated versions of the original book, while “Unabridged” implies they are the full length of the book.

So, it depends upon your choice and selection. Various devices offer different functions of audiobook narration that provide the best user experience — voice-over, dialects, tone, pronunciation, and accents.

Walk through this blog post to explore more about audiobooks and their reading style!

Do Audiobooks Read the Entire Book?

Do Audiobooks Read The Entire Book

Mainly two types of audiobooks are available for listeners’ convenience: Abridged and Unabridged.

Abridged are reduced versions of the original works; on the other hand, Unabridged refers to the fact that they are complete books.

As a result, whether the book is full-length or condensed, it is narrated in both cases. Depending on the amount to be read, these can last anywhere from 2 to 25 to 30 hours.

So, audiobooks can read the entire book, but you have to select the version, either condensed form or the whole book.

Audibles Advanced search function can limit your searches to include unabridged or abridged audiobooks. Additionally, you may filter results using Advanced Search by genre, audio format, writer, narrator, and more!

For Desktop Site:

  1. Click the Advanced Search button in the Find your next listen box.
  2. You can select between Abridged or Unabridged under Abridgment.

For Mobile Website:

  1. Search for a title.
  2. Select Sort & Refine.
  3. You can select between Abridged or Unabridged under Abridgment.

Now, if the Audiobooks keep stopping, then I have discussed its causes and easy fixes in another guide. Know about them, so that you don’t face any problems again.

Different Formats Of The Audiobook

Whether you can listen to the complete book or get the main points depends on your choice. Audiobooks are also best due to the different formats, such as narration, dramatized form, and book summary form.

Some of the formats are discussed below in detail. Let’s check them out!

Dramatized Form

Many famous books of well-known authors are narrated in the form of drama, known as dramatized versions. In this format, the book is performed as a play by an actual cast of actors and narrators.

If you also belong to the older generation when listening to the radio is common, you would probably be familiar with the term radio dramas.

They are still around and a fun substitute for reading or watching television. The only difference is that they lack the visual aspect of movies. These dramatizations are not full-length narratives.

The discourse is delivered while a background score and ambient music are provided to aid in scene/setting visualization. Depending on the amount to be read, they can take anywhere from 1 to 6 hours.

Summaries of Books

These are the main areas of interest condensed into smaller chunks. These summaries are a good option if you don’t read frequently or comprehensively but still want to get the main points of a book.

Depending on the length and topic of the book, they can last anywhere from 5 to roughly 15-20 minutes.

What Are The Best Audiobook Apps?

Do Audiobooks Read The Entire Book

If you are crazy about your favorite author’s books but don’t have enough time due to a tight schedule, you can listen to their audiobooks.

Audiobooks are the best digital friend, and nowadays, there are many useful apps and websites available where you can get tons of audiobooks and podcasts by paying a fee or some for free.


One of the best audiobook apps is Audible. It has the largest collection of audiobooks, which spans several categories.


Spotify is an industry leader in music streaming that offers a variety of audiobooks, and they’ve even entered the game by creating its line of outstanding, professional audiobooks.


Volunteers worldwide submit recordings in numerous languages to the public domain through non-commercial, non-profit, and ad-free Librivox projects.


Lit2Go is a free library of publications in the public domain provided by USF’s Florida Centre for Instructional Technology.

BBC Sounds

A brand-new, free app from the BBC is called BBC Sounds. It now serves as the headquarter for its radio channels, which broadcast a wide range of radio programs, podcasts, and even audiobooks.

It is another brilliant service providing quality audiobooks, just like Audible, but you have to pay for it. Generously they give a free trial of 3-books.

Google Play Books

Over one million best-selling eBooks, audiobooks, textbooks, and comics, are available on Google Play Books. Before you buy any, you can listen to a free preview of the audiobooks.

Rakuten Kobo

Rakuten Kobo has a vast variety of audiobooks and operates similarly to other subscription services.

You have to subscribe to an audiobook service like Audible, but you can receive a premium audiobook for free during a trial, so it’s worth trying.


Scribd is an American audiobook and eBook subscription service that provides access to millions of titles.

This app is easy to download on Android and iOS devices. It is the biggest online library where customers can access its endless selection of eBooks and audiobooks from any location at any time.

Libby App by OverDrive

With this incredible Libby App, you can comfortably read ebooks and audiobooks from your nearest library without paying any price.


Audiobooks do read the entire book, and surprisingly in different accents, tones, and voices. The narrators make the book more exciting and enjoyable for listeners.

Due to technological advancements, there is no need to sit on a comfortable chair and read a thousand-page book by having a cup of coffee.

Technology has made things easy for everybody; now, book lovers can listen to books instead of reading. If you want to read an entire book or enjoy summaries, audiobooks are available for you — they can serve you in the best and most relaxed way.

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