Do Audible Credits Expire? (Find Out Now)

Yesterday, you had a lot of Audible credits available in your account. But, today they are no longer of use. If you are anxious about such a problem, you are in the right place.

If Audible Credits are of no use any longer, it is possible they may have expired. These credits expire after one year of their purchase date. Therefore, you have to use your credits for your favorite audiobooks before they expire.

To learn more about Audible Credits Expiry, continue to read this article. I have covered every single detail to benefit the most from your Audible before Audible Credits expire.

A Bonus: In this guide, you will also learn Tips to Get the Most out of Audible Credits later as well.

So, let’s get started.

Audible Credit Expiration

Do Audible Credits Expire?

Audible allows its users to buy audiobooks with the help of credits. These credits are valuable for Audible listeners because they use them to buy Audible audiobooks.

However, unfortunately, these credits can expire. On their expiry, they are no longer of any use. All the details regarding Audible expiry are going to be discussed further.

Audible Credits do expire. The reason behind their expiry is that Audible wants to “strike a balance”. The balance would be between allowing users flexibility to consume their credits whenever want to and ensuring to incentivize audiobooks creators behind them.

Actually, it is important to note that Audible only pays royalties to the creators whenever the consumer consumes a credit in exchange for products. Moreover, whenever you’re going to cancel your membership, your credits are going to be expired as well.

These are all the possible reasons that cause your Audible Credits to expire.

Do Audible Credits Expire?

Audible Credits and their Expiry Policy

There are different types of credits available on your account, and each type of credit has its own credit policy. The following table, which I have drawn for you, is going to help you understand about it.

Credit Type


Expiration Date

Membership Credit

Credits are included in your membership plan.

12 months from the issue date

iOS App Store Membership Credit

Credits you received after buying membership on the iOS app.

Credits do not expire

Google Play Membership Credit

Availing credits after buying a membership plan on your Android app

Credits do not expire

Return Credit

Receiving a credit after returning an audiobook

12 months from the issue date

Extra Credit

Credits you received after purchasing an offer

12 months from the issue date

Gift Credit

Credits you are receiving after redeeming a gift on your membership plan

12 months from the issue date

Complimentary Credit

Receiving credits on buying a special offer or as a courteous gesture

12 months from the issue date

Special Credit

Receiving credits on a Promotional offer

12 months from the issue date

How Do I Get to Know When My Credits Expire?

You will get to know your credits’ expiry only when you check the information available on your account regarding it. To check your credits’ expiry date, you have to visit the Audible credits summary page, available in your account. Here you’ll be able to view the whole information about Audible Credits and their expiry date very easily.

Firstly, before accessing the summary page, you must be logged into your Audible account. After logging in, you will be allowed to access the summary page. Here you’ll be able to view all your active credit details and their expiry information.

The summary page includes the following useful information:

  • Viewing credits getting expired within the next 30 days – You are allowed to view the details and get notified about those credits that are going to expire within a month.
  • Total number of credits and titles available in your library – Here you will get to know how many credits you have in your account. Also, it allows you to know about the number of audiobooks you have in your library.
  • Finding details about each credit and its expiry – The information on the page is there to tell you about the details of each of the credits you have. Not only this but also, but it also helps you to know the credit’s expiry as well so that you can use them before they expire.
  • Learning more about credits – You will get to know more about credits on this page as well. It helps you get as much information as you can about Audible credits.

So, when Audibles stop, think about the expiration.

If you want to know other reasons why Audibles stop out of nowhere, then I have also made explained them in a different guide.

Tips to Get the Most out of Audible Credits

Do Audible Credits Expire?

With the help of Audible Credits, you’re actually going to elevate your audiobook listening experience on Audible. Here, I have described some useful tips for you so you get to maximize their use. These are as follows:

  • Choosing Membership Plan carefully: If you have decided to subscribe to Audible, choose your plan carefully. This will help you to save some money for you and not let you waste your credits because of expiry. If you only want to listen to limited audiobooks monthly or annually, you can use Audible without a subscription as well.
  • Before you buy, try it: Audible allows you to decide your next audiobook carefully. They allow you to listen to a sample which helps you make your decision. Whether you want to buy it or not, depends on your review of the sample. If it doesn’t appeal to you, you’re allowed not to purchase that audiobook.
  • Return books that you don’t like: You have to return those books that you don’t like on Audible. Audible allows you to return books through its return policy. You can easily return your audiobook within a year and redeem your credits. Remember, your credits are valuable.
  • Pause your Membership plan: If you’re subscribed to a membership plan on Audible, you can pause it. Audible allows you to hold your membership for 3 months. But this is only possible once a year. To put your membership on hold, you have to contact Audible customer service. They will do it for you.
  • Using Credits before expiry: I would suggest you use your credits before they expire. Audible gives you almost a year to consume your credits. Audible allows you flexibility in the use of credits. But remember, do not wait too long to consume your credits. Otherwise, they might get wasted.

My Personal Opinion on Audible Credit Expiry

The expiry on Audible Credits seems disadvantageous to you when you use Audible. But, for me, it is actually not. Audible Credits Expiry is not a disadvantageous feature of Audible.

I take Audible Credit Expiry as a wake-up call for those individuals who just buy extra credits for no use. They altogether didn’t benefit them after all. Audible assigning an expiry date on its purchased credits urges its users to keep alive their love for audiobooks. It actually didn’t want its users to waste the credits.

Moreover, the extra credits you purchase, actually have an expiry date. Not the ones that come up in the membership plan. This is a big indication that expiry isn’t at all disadvantageous for Audible users. Rather, Audible is trying to urge its customers to use the credits for buying audiobooks.

Furthermore, Audible offers a maximum span of expiry of one year on its credits. This also indicates that there is no malicious intent behind the expiry of its Credits. Rather, Audible wants to create a platform that is friendly for both its users and creators.

Do I keep my credits if I cancel my Audible Premium Plus membership?

No, if you cancel your membership, you will lose your credits as well. On canceling your membership plan, you’ll lose other benefits along with your credits. The best option is to consume all of your credits before making your final decision to end your membership plan. Remember, every audiobook you buy with your credit, remains in your possession even if you cancel the membership.

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What is the maximum limit of Audible Credit you can have?

The maximum limit of Audible Credits actually varies according to different membership plans. The maximum limit is described as follows:

  • Audible Premium Plus – You can only keep 6 credits per month.
  • Audible Premium Plus Annual – You can only keep 18 credits per year.
  • Audible Premium Plus (2 credits) – You can only keep 12 credits per month.
  • Audible Premium Plus (24 credits) – You can only keep 36 credits per year.

Do Audible books ever expire?

No, Audible books don’t expire. The audiobooks which you purchase with credits are not meant to be expired. They are yours to keep by you forever. You can download these audiobooks across multiple devices. Even if you remove an audiobook from a particular device, they are still existing and owned by you in your Library.

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Remember, Audible has this policy of their credits expire. This is because they actually want to make a balance between their consumers and creators. This allows both the member and creator to get the benefit of this platform.

It is really important for you to be aware of your credits’ expiry. This will help you maximize your Audible membership plan. Without the awareness, you’re not going to get the most out of this platform.

So, always use your credits before they expire, otherwise, they will get wasted.

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