Can You See The Words On Audible? Caption Feature

Audible is a well-known provider of audiobooks. In September 2019, it introduced a new caption feature to its app that allows users to caption the books they listen to with text to improve comprehension and make the listening experience more enjoyable and accessible to everyone. 

However, due to some reasons, they closed this feature. There is no access to Audible Captions right now. On the other hand, Immersion Reading allows you to read a Kindle eBook and listen to its Audible companion simultaneously. In terms of improving reading comprehension and content retention, Immersion Reading is an excellent tool.

Know More About Audible And Caption Feature

Can You See The Words On Audible

Audible is a leading provider of digital audio content. It was founded in 1995 by Donald Katz, a journalist and author. Amazon later purchased this app in 2008. Customers quickly became loyal to the company. The company creates original content that isn’t available anywhere else. They produce book-length Audible Originals, podcasts, sleep tracks, and meditation programs.

Why Did Audible Develop Captions?

Can You See The Words On Audible

Captions allow you to enjoy audiobooks without using headphones, which are perfect for driving, running errands, or doing housework. Another huge benefit is that captions can help those with hearing loss or who don’t know how to read English. 

The purpose of Audible Captions was to provide students with access to captions so they could understand books. This technology targeted over 150,000 public school students across the country. These captions were free in the 2019-2020 school year with a curated bundle of titles. 

As part of our Project Listen Up program, Newark high school students requested Audible Captions. They believe it would increase accessibility for all listeners who struggle to comprehend words and meet student needs. All Audible customers accessed this technology for free, so students, parents, and listeners used it everywhere.

What Is a Good Caption Narration?

Good caption narration is clear, concise, and easy to understand. It provides as much context as possible without over-talking or making irrelevant remarks. The ideal narrator respects the listener and makes an effort to use terms that are understandable by all audiences. 

Using overly technical vocabulary should be avoided, but it can help listeners learn a new term if used appropriately. 

When reading out loud, good narrators will speak in natural phrases rather than just one word at a time. 

Careful attention should be given to pronouncing names correctly when they are introduced, so listeners know how to say them themselves. And finally, good narrators make sure to check pronunciation with the author before starting to record their work.

How Are Audible Captions Different From An eBook?

Customers are not able to purchase eBooks from Audible Captions. Neither it replicates nor replaces the experience of reading print or eBooks. A print book or eBook allows users to flip through pages and read at their own pace. On the other hand, Audiobooks display text progressively, only a few lines at a time.

It is possible to have errors in captions since they are generated by computers using automated technology. In response to listener requests, captions will only be displayed for sufficiently accurate audio to be transcribed.

Is Audible Captions and Immersion Reading the Same?

Can You See The Words On Audible

A vivid image that comes to mind when I think of Audible Captions is immersion reading. Audible captions are similar to immersion reading, but what’s the difference?

Here’s the difference. 

  Audible Captions

Immersion Reading

When you play the audiobook, a text display will appear on your device’s screen. Machine learning technology generates these texts so that they may differ from eBooks. It is supported only on iOS and Android.

Type the play button to listen to the audiobooks while reading the eBook on your immersion reading-compatible Kindle device or app. Its supported devices are Kindle for iOS/Android and kindle fire HD/HDX. 

The difference between Audible Captions and Immersion reading is evident from the above. 

Why Audible Ended Its Caption Feature?

The introduction of captions by Audible did not go over well with publishers. In their minds, it is similar to giving away an eBook along with an audiobook. Furthermore, they believe that many people will not purchase the eBook version due to it.

Due to the introduction of captions, many companies, including Scholastic, sued Audible in response. Audible decided not to continue offering captions on its platform due to these factors.

How Is Listening To A Popular Audiobook Audible With Captions?

Listening to a popular audiobook with captions is an excellent way to get started. To find these audios, search in categories by genre and topic – go ahead and try something funny, suspenseful, or in between. 

Now that you have your favorites, it’s time to explore the captions feature. Press play on one of your recent favorite books and switch to the captions setting for different listening preferences. For example, if you want to increase your listening comprehension skills, choose audio + text (caption) mode.

Go Back And Listen Again With New Insights Into Your Audiobook

Audiobooks are one of our favorite ways to get more done in less time. They’re especially great for travel because some people don’t have to worry about straining their eyes from spending hours reading! For example, in the mornings, we can listen to a couple of chapters as we get ready for work or cook dinner for my family.


Here are some faqs about Audible captions.

What Is The Audible Captions Feature?

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about if you’ve used YouTube captions. Audible Captions captures audio, turns it into text, displays it on the screen, and highlights each word as it is narrated aloud. It is the world’s largest audiobook producer.

Is Audible Free To Use?

Customers can access Audible’s world-class audiobook collection, podcasts, exclusive originals, and more through a membership service. For 30 days, you can join Audible for free. Audible will automatically renew your membership if you love your free trial. 

Is Audible Free With Prime 2022?

Happy reading, bookworms! This Amazon Prime Day offer 2022 gives you free access to Audible. Take advantage of this Amazon Prime Day offer and listen to thousands of audiobooks, podcasts, and original Audible series.

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