Can two people use the same Audible account?

Audible is the largest audiobook retailer online. As part of Amazon, the new Audible customers who are Amazon Prime customers can get two credits to buy any book they like within the 30-day trial, which permits access to all titles from the Audible Plus Catalog and get 30% off of other titles.

Yes. Two users can join Audible using the same login credentials and access several devices simultaneously and will be able to access all of your libraries. This way, you can enjoy the exact audio books whenever you like.

We have found these two methods to share the Audible account the most secure and effective. You must choose wisely which would you like to give your account to or use Amazon Household.

Sharing your account with other reliable users

Can two people use the same Audible account?

After you’ve logged into your Audible account, you’ll see the options within the main menu: Library Wish List, Browse Member Benefits Sales, and Gifts inside Audible.

  • If multiple users sign into an account on the same day, one method to organize the library is to create collections and name them in the manner each user wishes.
  • Another method of sharing one account with multiple users while maintaining the highest level of control and security (maximum 10 users) is to create an account with the Amazon Household shopping program.

How do you share Audible books with Amazon Household?

To allow the sharing of audiobooks within your library with your family members, You will need to create your Amazon household and then add devices to which you wish to be able to share these books. You may have heard about this feature if you share Amazon Prime with your family. If not, take the same steps for sharing Prime benefits as well.

Each step is described below, but before that, let’s take a look at the basics of Amazon Household and who is qualified to use the feature to share Audible books utilizing this feature. Amazon Household offers a service that allows you to share the contents of your account and benefits with other adults or teenagers within your home while keeping your account’s privacy and security.

You and your Amazon Household can have a maximum of 10 members (Including you) in the following manner:

  • Two adults each should possess their own Amazon account.
  • Up to four profiles for teens; each teen should be between 13 and 17 years old. They are not able to share content.
  • Up to four child profiles are recommended for children under 12 years old. Their profiles are made using the accounts of adults.

However, the most frustrating part is that you can’t give everyone your audio content. Teens and children can only get a few benefits, which do not include sharing membership benefits via audible. Only two adults are allowed to discuss their Audible benefits with one another. In essence, with Amazon Household sharing, you can share audiobooks with just one Amazon member. If this is the kind of thing you’re looking for, this is the most effective way to go about it.

Here are two crucial points to be aware of:

  • Every member has to be from the same area or country to be a part of the Amazon household.
  • If you quit your Amazon home, you cannot join another Amazon household with the same account in the next 180 days. You can rejoin the previous Amazon household.

Audible Family Library Sharing

As a participant in the Amazon Audible service, you’ll be able to share books in your library with others in your Amazon household. By using Family Library Sharing, you can swap book collections between Amazon or Audible libraries with the other people in your Amazon household. If you share the platform with your friends and family, you can store all your books together and then share the books with them. There is also the option of having at least two listeners on Audible simultaneously when using an option that allows two people to listen simultaneously.

How to share audible books with others without limitations?

Can two people use the same Audible account?

Suppose you want to share your Audible account with others. In that case, it is necessary to utilize an expert tool that will assist in converting Audible audiobooks to an output format that works on all devices. When the audiobooks are restored to these formats, you’ll be capable of streaming offline for as long as you want. The tool that can do the best job in these situations is AMusicSoft Audible Converter.

After converting audiobooks, you can anticipate great-quality audio because AMusicSoft can convert and download Audible files without losing original quality. Once the process has been completed, the files will be DRM-free. The available formats supported by AMusicSoft include WAV, MP3, FLAC, AAC, and M4A.


Are you able to have more than one user on Audible?

There’s no limit to the number of computers or devices you can access with an Audible account.

How many devices can be connected to Audible simultaneously?

You can have three mobile apps active simultaneously within one account.

What can I do to access Audible without having a subscription?

You don’t need an account and download the Audible app, then purchase an audiobook whenever the urge is arousing (or an opportunity to buy a bargain is offered). It will be added to your list of libraries.

How many users can have an audible account?

We’ve learned a few things concerning sharing an Audible account within our household. With three people sharing the same Audible account, We’ve needed to set some guidelines and rules. A shared Google document can help, and so does having similar devices.


This article will teach you the two most straightforward ways to share your Audible account. If you’d like to share your account with other users without limitation, it is recommended to utilize AMusicSoft Audio Converter. You can even save the files to your device for the duration.

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