Can I transfer my audible books to another device?

If you’re an Audible user, you are likely to have several Audible accounts for different reasons, or you may wish to share Audible books on our account with a friend. Although we cannot strictly “transfer” the audiobooks from one account to the other, we can use various options to make them available to another account. Additionally, this can be useful in sharing books on Audible books with a friend.

Yes, you can transfer audible books to another device. Three different methods may help share audible books. The player should be visible on the left side of the menu. Click “Copy to Device” or select the title, drag it, and drop it onto the device. The title will start transferring into the gadget. The title will be placed within the gadget when the transfer is complete.

Continue reading to discover three efficient ways to transfer the contents of your Audible books to a different account.

Transfer audible book

 Can I transfer my audible books to another device

Here are three method of transfer audible books:

  • Method 1. Amazon Family Library Sharing
  • Method 2. Join two or more Audible accounts in One account
  • Method 3. Before transferring, download Audible books to MP3.

Method 1. Amazon Family Library Sharing

Amazon Family Library Sharing is an attribute that allows users to make available their content from Amazon/Audible. If you are a member of an Audible account, you can transfer audiobooks in the Audible Library with another member in your Amazon Household. As well as their payment method with other members of your Amazon Household and, at the same time, protect your account’s privacy and security.

The members from the Amazon Audible household are:

  • Maximum of two adults (including you), each with an Amazon account.
  • Up to four children but children do not require an Amazon account to create an account.

Step 1: Visit your Amazon Household home page and log into the account. Select “Add Adult” to create your household today.

Step 2: Invite another into the Amazon household. Enter their name along with their email.

Step 3: Choose the content you want to show the person, such as ebooks, audiobooks, games, and apps, and click “Continue.” To send the invitation, it is necessary to type the members’ names and email addresses.

Step 4: Receive an invitation to join the Amazon household with a different account. The person who is invited will be notified, which reads as follows. They have 14 days to accept the invitation. Hit “Get started” to join the family.

Step 5: Share your books on Audible with someone else within your home.

Important note:

  • The person you invite to join your Amazon household has to be from the same region or country as you.
  • Titles are included in the Catalog of Audible Plus. Catalogs are not available for sharing through Family Library Sharing.
  • Your payment details will be shared with the user of Your Amazon Household account.
  • Your Amazon Household comprises 10 members, including 2 adults(including you) as well as 4 teenagers (ages 13-17), and 4 kids. However, logins for teens in the Amazon Household cannot use the sharing feature of Audible content via the Family Library.

Method 2. Join Two or More Audible Accounts into One

In reality, you need help to combine audible accounts. However, you can reach the Amazon support team if you require merging multiple accounts into one. Tell them you’d like to connect your two audio accounts. They will request details on both accounts and verify whether they can merge. If they are, they will transfer your purchases to one account.

Important note:

  • Audible accounts in different countries might not be joined due to copyright issues such as Audible UK and US accounts.
  • You need to contact Amazon support to merge Audible accounts. Amazon is the sole authority on this issue.

Method 3. Before transferring, download Audible books to MP3

Why would you like to move Audible books to a different account? You’re looking to control your Audible book collection on just one platform or to transfer the Audible books to another person. In all honesty, both of these options both have limitations. Both aren’t the ideal solution.

What is the most efficient transfer of Audible books to a different account?

 Can I transfer my audible books to another device

Download Audible books as MP3 files, then move them to different people or devices. It is considered to be the best option. When you download Audible books in MP3 format, you’re free to download our Audible books to a different device or an individual. After downloading your Audible book to MP3, you can manage it from one location or share it with other people without restriction. You don’t need to think about how to transfer Audible books between different accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use the same Audible across multiple devices?

Yes. Two users can join Audible with the same login credentials and listen to several devices simultaneously.

Do Audible books expire?

Not! The books you purchase through Audible using a credit or debit card can be kept forever and downloaded to multiple devices. Even though you can delete the audiobook(s) on a particular device, they will remain in your Library.

Can I listen to only one book per month through Audible?

If you’re an Audible member, you’ll receive one credit each month that may be used on any book, regardless of price. You will require extra titles to be purchased if that is the case. Of course, you’ll need to be able to read more than one book per month.


There’s a different method, if the person you’d like to send an audiobook to has yet to have access to one before using the built-in sharing feature of the app you’re using, they’ll be able to download the book at no cost. If not, they’ll get your recommendations. Launch your Audible application on your smartphone and go into your Library to use this alternative. Tap the three dots to the audiobook you wish to download and tap “Send this book.”

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