Are There No Audiobooks On Scribd?

Scribd was launched in 2007 and is famous for offering good quality services to its subscribers for only $9.99 per month. Despite Scribd’s many features and favors, there is a misconception that Scribd doesn’t offer audiobooks. In truth:

Scribd is one of the best audiobook service providers with a massive collection of digital content, of course, audiobooks too. Its sizable collection offers top-quality and unrestricted access to all ebooks, magazines, articles, podcasts, audiobooks, and numerous other materials.

So, stay with us, and read till the end to understand how good Scribd is for offering audiobooks and what kind of benefits Scribd offers for listening to these audiobooks.

Does Scribd Have Audiobooks?

Are There No Audiobooks On Scribd

You have access to a whole collection of audiobooks with a Scribd subscription. Listeners can listen to excellent audiobooks on Scribd, whether driving, multitasking, or having dinner or breakfast.

Scribd added Audiobooks to its collection in November 2014. It was the first subscription service to provide limitless access to audiobooks, marking a much broader shift in how digital content is consumed over the internet.

In an agreement with Penguin Random House in April 2015, the business increased its selection of audiobooks. Scribd audiobooks library holds around 150,000 book titles, including unique and classic works by George R.R. Martin, Lena Dunham, Gillian Flynn, and John Grisham.

How Can Listeners Play Audiobooks On Scribd?

If you want to listen to an audiobook, follow the instructions below:

  • Use the table of contents to read a book faster or go back a few chapters. You can choose any chapter immediately by clicking the icon in the top left corner.
  • Choose the moon icon on the audio player to use the sleep timer.
  • If you want to slow down or increase the narrator’s reading speed, select the icon 1x at the lower left. It depends on the current selection.

Note: The steps are similar if listeners and readers use the Scribd app. Additionally, they can save the book for listening when offline.

Why Are Some Audiobooks Unavailable On Scribd?

Are There No Audiobooks On Scribd

Scribd is run by an algorithm that disables access to some books once you use their “unlimited” service over a particular level. It is also a point to remember that Scribd chooses books that are popular and in high demand.

Some Quick Facts About Scribd

Here are some quick facts about Scribd for you to understand the app better.

Launch Year

March 2007, San Francisco, California, the United States


Trip Adler

Jared Friedman

Tikhon Bernstam

Free Trial

30 Days

No of Audiobooks

Nearly 150,000 Titles

What it Offers

Audiobooks, magazines, eBooks, Podcasts, Sheet Music, Documents

Membership per Month

$9.99 per month

Students Discount

$4.99 a month

Compatible Devices

iOS, Android, Windows PC, Kindle gadgets having Fire OS 4 or older

How Good Is Scribd App?

Due to the simple design and user-friendly interface, the navigation of the Scribd app is super-easy. Listeners and readers are capable of comfortably browsing the different categories and titles, quickly moving from ebooks to audiobooks, customizing the account they like, and downloading favorite books.

Locating books is also easy because each book clearly displays the author’s name, title, cover page, and summary. All new and confused Scribd subscribers can read the reviews of some pro and addicted readers’ reviews to decide on the book for themselves.

If, in any case, they choose the book, they can read it right away or put it in their library to read later.

What About The Sound Quality Of Scribd Audiobooks?

DBV audio (decibels as referenced to voltage) quality is good; additionally, its audiobooks on the web and the app are easy to browse. Whether users tend to stream or download a title, the Scribd app displays their interest.

Another exceptional offer of the app is the provision of downloaded versions, as its users can listen to offline books.

Some Of The Worth Listening Audiobooks On Scribd

As I already discussed, Scribd is a great option for audiobooks as it offers an unparalleled collection of worth-reading books. If you want to listen to audiobooks in the coming weekend, my suggestion is to pick one from the below-mentioned list and enjoy the time.

  1. Dedicated by Pete Davis
  2. Live Free by DeVon Franklin
  3. No Pain, No Gaines by Chip Gaines
  4. The In-Between by Jeff Goins
  5. Now is Not the Time to Panic, written by Kevin Wilson

Frequently Asked Questions?

Can You Increase The Speed Of Audiobooks On Scribd?

Yes, book listeners can control the speed by choosing the icon 1x from the lower left. The higher the number, the faster the narration will be.

How Do Audiobooks Function On Scribd?

Scribd is one of the world’s best digital libraries, where subscribers can find many audiobooks, books, and other valuable content by paying USD 9.99 per month. You can stream audiobooks or download them to your device using the Scribd app.

How To Cancel Scribd Subscription?

By going to your Account Settings, you can end your subscription. Even after canceling the subscription, you can still access their library with some days left in expiration time.

How Can You Listen To Audiobooks?

Download the app on Android or iOS devices, and use Scribd anywhere you want; listen to audiobooks, read ebooks, magazines, or documents because it offers you to store content for offline reading.


Due to dramatic changes in trends, people – due to their convenience – prefer to shift their focus from physical reading to online. They cherish their moments by listening to and reading best-selling books by their favorite authors.

All audiobook lovers who think they can only get audiobooks on Audible and are mistaken because there is another fantastic and powerful digital content provider, and that is called Scribd.

It offers tons of amazing content to readers and listeners at an affordable price. Additionally, readers can enjoy a 30-day free trial, after which they can listen to new titles comfortably.

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