Are eBooks Growing in Popularity?

Nowadays, accessing books or newly published books is quite challenging; therefore, people prefer to read eBooks as they seem economical, easy to find, and environmentally friendly. This is why the popularity of eBooks is massively increasing day by day.

According to Statista, eBook revenue in America reached 1.1 million dollars in 2021. Meanwhile, researchers also believe this figure can rise due to many factors, such as social distancing trends due to the pandemic, inflation, and people’s busy schedules.

On the other hand, audiobook revenue is also continuously increasing; in 2021, it crossed 700 million dollars, which is marvellous!

Although this figure is still lower than paper books, it will not take much time to break the record; you can walk through this article to understand how the trend of eBooks is getting hyped and the significant reasons behind this popularity.

An Anticipated eBooks Worldwide Statistics: Prove Of Popularity

Are eBooks Growing in Popularity

Researchers from independent authorities always remain busy observing the world’s shift of trends, and one of the surprising trends is the popularity of eBooks. Below mentioned stats will help you get evidence of this shift!

  • In 2023, the eBooks market is anticipated to generate US$14.38 billion – what an inspiring figure!
  • Market volume is estimated to reach US$16.08 billion by 2027, with revenue predicted to expand at 2.83% per year (CAGR 2023–2027).
  • By 2027, there will be 1,123.2 million readers in the eBook market.
  • In 2023, there will be a 12.8% user penetration rate; by 2027, it is expected to touch 14.1%.
  • In the coming years, it is projected that the ARPU (average revenue per user) of eBooks will be $14.63.
  • In terms of global comparison, the United States will produce the most revenue ($5,254.00 m) in 2023.

Why Do Students Prefer e-Reading?

Are eBooks Growing in Popularity

Nowadays, parents give smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other precious gadgets to kids at a very young age, and they become addicted to these devices. Children spend most of the day in front of the screen, which is why they feel bored holding paper books in hand.

Here are some of the reasons why students prefer e-reading.

  • With interactive content, such as tutorial videos and animations, digital reading becomes more engaging and responsive for students.
  • Students sometimes have difficulty understanding the content of traditional syllabus books, which is why they go for digital content to enhance their knowledge and better understand the content.
  • The access to online professional courses, digital reading, or any other subject is handier, smoother, and quicker, no matter where you are – on the road, traveling somewhere, or serving in your institutes.

Noticeable Difference Between eBooks And Paper Books

The following table shows a clear difference between a paper book and an eBook. The difference indicates that choosing the eBook, in no way, is a lesser choice.


Paper Book



The book is made of paper and is protected with a cover.

A book that is transformed into an electronic format so readers can read them on gadgets.

Book Cover

Front and Back Covers

Only front covers


It depends on the number of pages



Just pick a book and start reading

Need time for loading




Four Significant Reasons For The Popularity of Ebooks

Due to convenience, affordability, and many reasons, people prefer to read eBooks. Let’s discuss some of them below!

They Are Affordable

People shift from physical reading to eBooks because of their affordability — a primary reason. Compared to paper books which cost up to 30$, readers can get eBooks by paying half of the price, but the price may vary on different platforms.

Moreover, many eBook-selling platforms provide sales and discounts on best-selling titles, which makes them even more economical.

For example, Amazon kindle offers a great deal to readers by providing access to several books at a monthly fee of $11. It is a brilliant offer for readers as they are paying less than 0.01$ per book.

Convenient To Carry

Another reason for opting for eBooks is that they are convenient to carry. You can download numerous books on small gadgets such as tablets, laptops, Macs, or even smartphones. It is beneficial for people who love reading and travel frequently.

Nowadays, students may find multiple websites that provide details on various eBook subscription services. It is understandable why eBooks have become so popular in recent years, given how convenient they are.

Popular Because Of Customization

With the rising number of e-readers, eBooks now offer customization, which means people can change the form of the text on the screen.

Due to customization, readers can also change the margins and line spacing, making reading more joyous. It is a fantastic option for people who have difficulty reading specific fonts.

With the new technologies, people can now listen to books instead of reading. It is especially great news for those who are too busy and have less time for reading.

eBooks Are Environment-Friendly

Everyone is now aware of climate change and its drastic effects on the world; people are shifting towards more sustainable and eco-friendly ways to maintain the environment.

Reducing the consumption of paper is one of the effective methods to save trees and protect the environment.

Traditional books need to cut trees to convert the bark into paper; however, eBooks don’t require any physical form, which makes them more eco-friendly than printed textbooks. That’s why they are also easy money if you decide to make your own eBook.

Many people would be shocked to find that the average book has a far bigger carbon footprint than an eBook because the paper sector is a significant source of pollution.


With the changing global trends, people are becoming wise and opting for a more economical, sustainable, and affordable way of book reading — and that is no other than eBook reading.

This blog post has given many statistics that show clear-cut proof of the continuous rise of eBooks’ popularity. So, whether you are packed in your routine, running out of the budget, or want to save your environment, worry not; eBooks are your deal.

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