Are Audiobooks Free With Kindle Unlimited?

Have you heard of Kindle Unlimited audiobooks but couldn’t imagine that you could enjoy Audible books as a Kindle Unlimited subscriber without any additional cost? You can listen to audiobooks on Kindle. If you’re unsure how to do it, this article will provide easy steps to listen to audiobooks using Kindle Unlimited.

Yes, but Kindle Unlimited includes certain Audible books and lets you listen to Audible for free without paying the usual fee per audiobook. However, you won’t have access to everything in the catalog of Audible.

If you’re unfamiliar with Kindle Unlimited, Listen for Free audiobooks, and require more information. This article explains how to listen to audiobooks on Kindle Unlimited.

More About Audiobooks With Kindle Unlimited

Are Audiobooks Free With Kindle Unlimited

You’re lucky if you’ve been hoping to access audiobooks using KU. There are more than 2000 Audible audiobooks available for Kindle Unlimited members. Unlimited and Audible aren’t all included in a Kindle Unlimited subscription price; you still have access to Audible audiobooks when you purchase a KU subscription.

  • Kindle Unlimited membership gives you access to a small range of Audible audiobooks at no cost, and they call these audiobooks “Kindle Unlimited Books with Free Narration.” You can look through the entire list of books with free narration to find out what’s available to borrow through your KU membership.
  • It is worth noting that the Amazon Kindle Unlimited audiobook collection provides more than 2,000 free audiobooks at any given moment, and there’s a wide selection of audiobooks available to listen to with the membership. And these are the same audiobooks you’d receive with the Audible subscription. The one difference is that the audiobook choices are limited to those included in the Kindle Unlimited free audiobooks library (instead of being able to listen to any audiobook you want).
  • Even though a full Audible subscription isn’t included, the no-cost Kindle Unlimited audiobooks are an incredible KU perk you must avail of when you join your membership.

How do you find more audiobooks from Kindle Unlimited?

How do you find more audiobooks from Kindle Unlimited

The Kindle Unlimited subscription offers access to audiobooks. Consider the possibility that you may prefer to look through the Kindle Unlimited audiobook inventory on your own. Additional parameters like publication date, reviewer ratings, and genres might help you focus your search even more. You are free to explore and have fun. If the process is something you enjoy, looking for diamonds in the rough can be rewarding.

What else can you find Audiobooks on the Kindle Unlimited?

  • Another method of getting audiobooks through Kindle Unlimited is to Go to the “Books with narration available on Kindle Unlimited” page and look through the Kindle books available. Every selection that is listed on this page includes an audiobook for free.
  • Keep in mind that although Kindle Unlimited gives you hundreds of Kindle titles with free narration or audiobooks free. Some titles don’t provide automatic access to audiobooks for free, even though they’ve been synced with audiobooks.
  • The most effective way to locate these books and find out which audiobooks are available for free is to visit the “Kindle Unlimited page,” select “Whispersync for Voice,” and refine your search according to the parameters you desire (free books with audio).

How to share Kindle books with others?

How do you find more audiobooks from Kindle Unlimited

Like another book you buy for your Kindle, you can transfer Kindle Unlimited books with anyone else who owns a device connected to the account. Anyone can access the 10 titles stored in your library that you downloaded. Be sure never to take back a book if a person is still studying it!

To share books, you only have to log into your Amazon account and visit Your account’s page. Then, go through Content and Devices under Digital Devices > Settings. Under Settings, scroll down to households and Families Settings. In this section, you can include as many as two people and four children sharing books, apps, books, and games using the Kindle devices. You’ll also need to go through a simple set-up procedure on the Kindle device, and it’s pretty easy, provided you have the account information of the person in charge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you locate and Listen to Free Audiobooks?

The Audible books available on Kindle Unlimited show the little headphones symbol beside the KU logo, and the button will read “Read and Listen for Free.” If you click it, the book is added to the Audible library. It is then just a matter of tapping it within the Audible app to download the book, and you’ll be able to begin listening. When you return the ebook and the audiobook, they will disappear from your library. It isn’t yours to own, but you can borrow it like ebooks.

Are all Audiobooks Available on Amazon?

Not all audiobooks are available for download on Kindle. However, hundreds of Kindle titles are available with a free audiobook companion. If you decide to purchase these books, you’ll also be able to access their accompanying audiobooks.

Which Audiobooks are free with Amazon Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited. If you’re not ready to go through the possibilities to find the best free Kindle Unlimited title that comes with audiobooks for free, There is a more straightforward method to find the information you require. As a principle, titles that contain “with narration” include free audiobooks available for Kindle Unlimited.


Remember that an Audible subscription is different from a Kindle Unlimited subscription. Both Audible and Kindle Unlimited fall under the Amazon brand. However, Audible audiobooks are only offered for a small selection of KU titles, and the narration is only available to KU subscribers. You’ll need to buy an Audible subscription if you want access to the thousands of audiobooks offered on the service (as well as the hottest new releases you’ve heard about). Navigating Kindle Unlimited audiobooks can be difficult. This guide should assist you in finding your next leisure audiobook or audio marathon.

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